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Monika Pick from PickArtHome


Inspiring women are go-getters. They make things happen. They live life with no regrets. They are learning about themselves and reaching their full potential. They are not afraid to take risks and just go for it, like Monika Pick from PickArtHome. Monika has joined the ESTILA team and contributes regularly with her “Say it with colour” series where she explores the psychology of colours in interiors, fashion, life and business. Today we chat with her about her own journey into setting up and building a business while juggling motherhood and a full-time job.

What has been your journey so far?

After completing my MA in Sociology and Market Research, for the past 13 years I’ve been working as an insight and marketing specialist across a wide spectrum of industries (media, telecoms, tech, finance, FMCG and education) and markets.

By day, I’m a very respectable media researcher. At night, I’m an interior design blogger at SecretGardenHome and a freelance writer passionate about contemporary culture and travel. Last year, during my maternity leave, with my multi-media artist husband, we founded an online art shop PickArtHome.

Can you take us back to the time when you decided to set up PickArtHome?

Back in January 2017, we found ourselves at the crossroads. My husband Steve was made redundant from his job as a film lecturer, and as we were expecting our first, long-awaited baby, the timing just felt right to do something drastic and just follow our dream of having our own creative business and adjust our lifestyle to the new arrival. We decided to share our collection of prints and photographs created over the years through our travels and adventures. Each piece we create is curated by us to inspire and tell an interesting story, from graffiti hunts around London to neon adventures in Lisbon.

Steve is a filmmaker, visual artist currently focusing on urban photography. I’m looking after the marketing and PR.

What is the concept for PickArtHome? What is different about it?

PickArtHome is an artist-led, online independent art shop offering a selection of unique, high quality, contemporary photographs for those seeking an out of the ordinary twist to their wall décor. Our aim is to bring contemporary photography to people’s homes and make it a coveted, interior accessory accessible to people with creative souls regardless of their budget.

We’re on a mission of making contemporary photography a cool interior accessory accessible to all.

We strongly believe that out of the ordinary, high quality photographic prints can compete with the plethora of illustrations widely available that flooded the interior market in the past few years.

Our photographic wall art is printed on high quality, fine art, paper making it stand out as colourful, long-lasting wall decor.

What’s the biggest lesson you learnt so far?

Don’t expect to make a profit in your first year of trading and don’t rely on all of your friends and family helping you out. Most people are not interested or are too busy to share your vision. But, appreciate those who care and egg you on.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to other entrepreneurs and small businesses. Generally, people in creative industries are happy to share their knowledge and mentor you. Special thanks to Holly from Audenza who kindly shared with me plenty of hints&tips about running a small business, which we use to this day.

How do you cope with setbacks?

I go for a run or do yoga, and then back to the drawing board. I believe that every experience teaches us something and we should be grateful for every lesson we could get. I don’t give up easily!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Fingers crossed our creative business will grow as I’d love to increase the time I devote to running it. I’d like to do more copy writing, organising events and exhibitions and help other women reach their potential in business. I’m likely to continue working in media research and insight as I love my job.

You can follow Monika on @pickarthome and @secretgardenhome

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