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Maria Hatling: the story behind our latest cover

Maria Hatling
I must admit that magazine covers are something I struggle with. I want them to be impactful, unusual and interesting. Most of our covers feature a piece of art, creating a joining element to the content; interiors, fashion, art, beauty, travel and business. For the latest Estila Edit 22, I asked Maria Hatling to create a cover inspired by the summer vibe exclusively for us. I was introduced to Maria through Tahira, a London-based make-up artist. We were thinking about doing an editorial for one of our issues and she suggested Maria. The collaboration resulted in a great feature published in Estila Volume 3.
Maria Hatling
Here’s what Maria says about her art:
“In my illustration work I strive for a balance between a practical rough hand-drawn aesthetic and the clean graphic colour work of my design process. I prefer my illustrations to retain the tactile origins of my early felt pen sketches rather than something that feels overworked by the digital process. This love for texture, unique imperfection and a slightly rough and ready tone is a quality I treasure and always try to push in my illustration work.”
Maria Hatling
“The concept for the Estila Edit’s cover was based around the feeling of lazy holiday days on a sunny riviera. I wanted my cover illustration to evoke the feeling of a place where you could kick off your shoes and relax. I was inspired by a classic nautical palette of blue & red but with the added pinch of pink in the backdrop to give the cover a touch of femininity and balance. Personally this colour palette takes me to the French Riviera where the warm sea breeze air mixes with notes of mimosa, lavender and citrus. A special place to see the sun set and rise with family or friends or perhaps meeting someone new. The perfect setting for holiday romance both new and old. I’ll see you there.”
Take a look at what else is in Estila Edit 22. It’s a truly inspiring issue full of colour, ethical brands and stories that will open your mind to a world of style and purposeful living. Kxx

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