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Marble bedroom decor

marble bedroom decor

Marble bedroom decor – When designing a room from scratch, one of the first things to do is work out the main function of the space. Of equal importance is to also ask yourself how you want to feel when you are in the room. In doing this you can ascertain a list of adjectives from which to reference when making interior design choices such as the colour scheme. Bedrooms should be a sanctuary for relaxing, so although you may want to add colour for personality, you need to find the right balance of colours to avoid ending up with something more vibrant than the head wear of Carmen Miranda or you won’t be nodding off anytime soon.

For this shoot I wanted to show colour doesn’t always have to be so bold, it can be used in subtle ways and still give impact. If I am honest, before becoming a mummy I was a neutrals girl and loved nothing more than a white, textural interior. Maybe it was being around the vibrant, kaleidoscopic world of children’s paraphernalia that triggered me looking at colour in a different light. Since working for Estila magazine I have been pushing my own boundaries and creating interior schemes my former, before children, self would never have dared. 

The “Velvet Goldmine” feature in Estila’s Volume 2 was the brightest, boldest scheme I have created to date and I was a little nervous at the reception it would receive, but it got such amazing feedback it made me realise that sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and go for it!

marble bedroom decor

marble bedroom decor

The chosen palette for this shoot evolved from the pale pink marble wall mural. I have always loved pink and was thrilled to learn it is here to stay for 2017. Using a complementary colour scheme (choose colours opposite each other in the colour wheel) of dusky pink and emerald green gives the pink a more sophisticated vibe and the touch of burgundy adds a contemporary edge.  If you are struggling with where to start with your room design I would advise you to choose three colours as your palette and use them as per the textbook formula in a 60/30/10 ratio to help give you a well balanced scheme. Saying that, I believe rules are there for breaking and often beautiful things can emerge from experiments or accidents so my advice is to play around until you reach a point you feel happy with.

This article first appeared in Volume 3. Written, styled and photographed by Louise Ives-Wilkinson. Find out more about Louise’s interior design services on her website.