From innovative social retail, disruptive beauty brands to natural luxe interiors and maximalist art, this edition is a must-read for any creative.

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Whether you’re just starting out or have grown your business and expanded your team, managing the back office can be overwhelming at any stage of the business lifecycle.

Our library will be filling up with useful content, presentations and helpful guides and templates to help simplify some of the daily tasks and activities you should be doing but not aware of yet.

Masterclasses to watch

How to create a brand story content plan

Telling your brand story across many marketing touchpoints can be confusing. If you're struggling with coming up with ideas for what to say where and how, Aimee Stammers from Aimee Stammers Comms takes you through the key steps which help with clarity and focus. Her masterclass is easy to follow and you walk away with ideas you can apply straight away.

SUITABLE FOR: designers, artists, founders of independent brands 

Templates & Guides

Bi-annual competitive audit guide

Suitable for product based businesses

Lifestyle, design and creative markets are very saturated. We all know that. So how do you make sure that new customers can find you easily while your existing customers stay loyal to you? A competitive analysis gives you the insight into what’s going on in the market, in customers lives and where things are moving. It helps to identify:

  1. new entrants, the change makers, pioneers and disruptors
  2. competitors strengths and weaknesses
  3. your own strengths and weaknesses
  4. opportunities and threats
  5. customer and market trends

If you don’t want your business to be always a few steps behind, use the template inside the guide twice a year. 


This is a downloadable link with PDF file. A template is included.

Winners are always informed and ahead of the game. Are you one?


Time is precious, we know. When you juggle many balls in the air and wear many hats in your business you want information fast. So we removed all the fluff. Straight to the point our guides and templates save you tons of time, and are ready to be used in the back office straight away. 

Line sheet templates

Suitable for product based businesses

Trade account application form

Suitable for artists & creatives and brands

Useful articles to make your day better

Working with retailers in a collaborative way

Unpacking three top tips from Holly Tucker

Embracing being a small business

How to plan content for marketing & PR activities