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Life In Style: week 7.

life in style week 7

As I’m still very new to this, I’ve decided to share the behind the scenes of my week so you can see what goes into creating High In Style (now Estila) magazine. Basically my life in style.

First of all this week I have to thank every one of you who took time to read the June issue so far. As it stands today we hit 62,000 views already, which makes this issue a record-breaking one!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!

Last week was all about catching up on emails and planning the next issue. I was in my inbox literally for 2 days. Yes, that’s how long it takes to get through PRs, press invitations and meetings to schedule.  Then I had to return all press samples from last month’s shoots. I try to keep the stock to minimum so I can manage what’s coming in and out in the easiest possible way. I normally return everything as soon as I’m finished with it, including taking extra images like the one below, but sometimes I have to wait for return addresses to come through, which can create a very chaotic office with me tripping over boxes. So I’ve decided to tackle it this week and create some kind of a designated area for all press loans. Here calls a trip to Ikea!


I also had a brilliant interview with Aneeqa, the founder of eporta. That girl rocks!! She’s ambitious and doing a great job in the interior design market by filling a gap and providing a service that has been in need for a very long time. Obviously, you have to wait for the next issue to read about her story and how she founded her business but what I can tell you now is that if you take only one advice from her and you take it conciously on board, your life can change only for the better.


Since I created this role for myself, I realised one thing: going to shows and exhibitions is the best I can do for finding new designers, talents and women who, I feel, can be so inspiring with their stories they share with me. I can’t afford to miss any opportunity by to not going to these events, otherwise I’d be loosing out. So I made it to the House Fair and Spirit Fair in London, both were totally worth it.  I have so much new content for our future issues, it’s really pretty amazing…because after all, that’s my biggest fear I am faced with each month.


Recently the colours of sunsets are absolutely amazing. Have you seen them? I kept forgetting to take the camera with me  while on evening walks until I managed to take this one over the weekend! To me, this is what life is about; appreciating life and being grateful for being able to see these colours Mother Nature produces.
Stay tuned for next week! Kx