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Life In Style: week 3.

life in style week 3

As I’m still very new to this, I’ve decided to share the behind the scenes of my week so you can see what goes into creating High In Style (now Estila) magazine. Basically my life in style.

My week started off with visiting Pulse London. I absolutely love going to this show because there is so much to discover – new textile designers, new brands, new products. Pulse is very colourful, creative and so inspiring to go to. I was buzzing with ideas for our future photoshoots and features when I left the show that day. I’ve been posting my favourite finds on Instagram. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something unusual. There are home decor accessories, fashion, beauty, jewellery and much much more.


As soon as the magazine issue is published I start working on the next one. Over the past few months I realised that I need to be more organised and get things going again in the first week of the whole 4-week magazine publishing cycle. I’ve been thinking about the June issue and what theme or topic I want to highlight. I thought about doing some summer inspired lifestyle flatlays based around beach bags. I’ve been searching for products and taking some shots (above) to see if it works. By the way, this one won’t be in the magazine. Love the products but the camera wasn’t set correctly so I have to do a re-shoot. I managed to finalise the content from my new design contributor, Emilia, and I’ve been also working with a new member of our team, Anouska, who will take over one of the interiors sections from me. Here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ve been up to from our visit to Muck N Brass.


I’m organising more press loans and shoots for next week. I also have interviews lined up with more recognisable creative¬† and highly inspirational minds which I’m so excited about. I can’t wait to reveal them once I have the interview features done.

Stay tuned! Kx