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Life In Style: week 2.

life in style week 2

As I’m still very new to this, I’ve decided to share the behind the scenes of my week so you can see what goes into creating High In Style (now Estila)  magazine. Basically my life in style.


My week started off with lunch in Canary Wharf. It was nice to visit this part of London,  it really has its own, quite sophisticated vibe. For the rest of the week I’ve been glued to my desk pretty much non-stop. The publishing date for our May issue is on Monday and so I’ve been working on the content creation, pages and layouts. Since our first issue the magazine’s content has grown from 68 to 92 pages. Over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with new features and played around the the existing ones. I don’t want to make the issues too long and so my limit is around 96 pages. I think, because we all are so busy, anything over 100 pages is way too much. I find after that your brain just switches off and can’t handle anymore information with 100% focus.

One element I played around with all week was to create some breaking points and transition between each section; between homes and fashion, fashion and beauty, beauty and travel. In the past I tried to make sure that the colours are similar from section to section and so even though the topic is changing, the colours help the transition to be smooth and easy on the eye.

With this issue I struggled with the effortless flow since the content is so different. In the end I created extra pages to help introduce the next section. Here’s an example.


I’m hoping this will improve the reader’s experience and add another interesting visual to the content. Another element which I changed was the content overview section of the magazine. It’s usually at the front of the magazine after my Editor’s letter. I’ve decided to make the visual image gallery more functional with page number indicators and in addition to that the section will have 4 “not to be missed” article descriptions highlighting the best content. This is how the old one was looking from our last month’s issue which is now slightly different. You will be able to see the change in the May issue.


I still have 5 elements out of 28 to finish up over the weekend. Next week will be mostly out of the office, full of meetings and I have some photoshoots planned as well.

Stay tuned! Kx