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Life In Style: week 19. to 22.


As I’ve been doing the magazine over a year now, I’ve been slowly defining what it means to be an editor of a small indie magazine. When I started last year, I had no idea what the word “editor-in-chief” actually meant. Of course, I knew the meaning but what’s behind it? How does an editor’s day look like?

I searched the internet for job descriptions and to be honest, I didn’t find much. But now looking back, I think I know what my job is. I’m the orchestrator of content. I’m the supporter and a number one fan of everybody who we feature. I meet them personally and I speak to them. I want to know their story, their mission, their purpose.

And so my past few weeks have been filled with meetings, press days (like Winser London above) and a lot of networking. I realised that, like the businesswomen I feature, I need to be spreading the word about the magazine and our mission. More importantly though, I’m also spreading the word about the emerging designers, labels and the women behind them. So I’ve been hustling. A lot!

I’ve been also busy with putting our next issues together. Last week we released our November digital issue. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here. It’s free to read it and there is so much great inspiration and business advice from Sharon at Decology, who is not only creating a business but also a whole new market!, and many more. If you’re running a small creative business, you need to read it!! Since the release, we’ve been working on our Christmas/December issue. I’m finding it hard to balance the non-Christmas content with the Christmassy vibe. 

By the way, as a reminder, the digital issues are still published monthly as usual with print being published on quarterly basis. If you’re not on our list, get on it asap. I have some great collaborations coming, which will be exclusive to our subscribers only, so you don’t want to miss it. I only send one newsletter a month, so you definitely won’t be bombarded from me.