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Life In Style: week 14. & 15.

life in style week 14

Where am I going? I never was good at planning ahead. I never was one of those kids at school who had everything figured out. Especially when it came to careers. Or everything in fact. When I was a child I didn’t have that clarity in my head so I taught myself to live in present. Take things as they come and deal with them straightaway.  Creating the magazine has been very challenging in that sense. I’m working towards deadlines and am forced to look “into the future”. I’m learning to visualise the future issues up to 6 months ahead, which is a great achievement for me.

But last year, when I started the magazine, I didn’t have that skill. (I call it a skill, since I totally believe that, if you struggle with it like me, it is something you can learn it with practice. I put myself in a position where I was forced to imagine the future. It started off with the magazine’s issues but now slowly I can apply it to the business and my life). I had an idea and a concept for the magazine and, me being me, went ahead with it to see what the response would be. I didn’t plan. Anything. I wanted to create the best looking digital publication I could. I wanted to move into creating an App, and still do!!, with movements, videos, music, stunning graphics and really provide a visual inspiration that you can immerse yourself in and escape from your everyday life. (That IS still the plan which we have been working on behind the scenes for over a year now, by the way.)

But what would be beyond that? How would the business grow? How about print? “Print? Print is dead. That’s the reason why I started the magazine in the first place. Because I stopped reading them all!”, I kept saying to everybody around me.

However, an opportunity of going into print came to me, quite unexpectedly, two months ago. I started digging deeper into the market and especially indie magazines.  I found that there is a great potential for growth. Actually, a great future ahead, if I do it right. But the inexperience and my inability to visualise and plan caught up with me in the past two and half weeks. Over the summer holidays I was advised that “if you want to go into print, you should consider changing the name of the publication”. Now, that was a bombshell to drop!!

I don’t want to bore you with details but this is exactly what I have been up to for the last few weeks. We came up with a new name that will be revealed in a few weeks time before our first quarterly print edition is out in October. We’ve been researching very intensively, playing with words and learning about the legal aspect of publishing a printed magazine. It’s like discovering a whole new world!! One day I might write a book about it. But for now, this extra work could have been prevented if only I looked further ahead, well beyond the star on the picture above.

A new journey is ahead of me, hope you can be part of it. Kx