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Life In Style: week 12. & 13.


As I’m still very new to this, I’ve decided to share the behind the scenes of my week so you can see what goes into creating High In Style magazine. Basically my life in Style.

So many things happened over the past 2 weeks, I don’t know where to start. I’m really pushed to my limits – mentally and physically. I have meetings in London at least 3 – 4 times a week. While there I’m running around, constantly “fashionably late”, from one place to the other, sometimes from one side of the city to the other. On top of that I’m interviewing on Skype or over the phone, chasing, searching, researching, finding stories and products for photo shoots.

We’re also making a slow progress on the app, which I wanted from day one. I want the app to be very sophisticated with 3D features, music, videos, slideshows and cinemagraphs to make the publication different from anything else on the market. Normally, this would require a team of at least 30 people, I have, yes you’ve guessed it, ONE. But we have made some progress and had some breakthrough with it so we can just get on with creating the framework in the backend and also start creating the templates and features.

At the weekend we went to Folkstone for lunch but since work is my passion and I always have my eyes open for any opportunity (yes, my name is Karolina and I’m obsessed with my job), I stopped off to visit Kitty McCall, a British pattern designer who I’ve been admiring since I came across her work in my interior design days. I’m planning a feature on her so stay tuned. She’s an amazing talent!!


Folkstone, Kent


Kitty McCall store

Last week we headed to Italy for a family mini break. I haven’t realised how much I really needed to feel the sun on my skin. The weather hasn’t been that great this year so being in a warmer climate gave me so much boost! I’m writing about it in our next issue.


Even though I managed to work few hours here and there while in Italy, I fell slightly behind and now I’m chasing the time. Issue 12. is scheduled to be published next Wednesday. Can I do it? Kx