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Three important lessons from Petra Strand interview

Back in 2019 we have interviewed Petra Strand, the founder of Pixi by Petra Beauty. In this interview Petra shared three important lessons she has learnt on her journey building an international beauty brand which she started from her kitchen table over 20 years ago. Even though your brand or business may not be in the beauty industry, the following key lessons are for any creative lifestyle business, designer or artist.


Petra describes how “looking like the best version of you” is important to her personally. Her purpose, and the purpose of Pixi’s brand, is helping customers to feel “happy in their own skin”. This is a very powerful and emotional message. One which sets the brand apart from its competitors in the industry. Pixi by Petra has managed to find the sweet spot between quality product at inclusive price point while solving the problem of being time-poor yet being authentic and feeling good about yourself. Their motto is: Flawless in 5 minutes!

TIP: Think about what the REAL purpose of your brand is.


Following from the point above, coming from a place of solving real problems is crucial for longevity of your brand. Markets are these days so saturated yet the percentage of businesses who solve real problems is still relatively small. This is where most opportunities lie. It is clear that Pixi, as a brand, understands their customers needs, wants, aspirations and desires well. They are able to connect with them on an emotional level, communicating the problems they are solving. As mentioned above, time and feeling happy in your own skin are two problems modern consumers are facing. Solving the problem of lack of time while leading a very hectic life as well as encouraging them to look as best they can be clearly resonates with a large audience. Notice that the products are not being mentioned here. It’s the outcome of using Pixi’s products and what they can give you counts the most.

TIP: Move your communication and marketing efforts away from product benefits to the outcomes your products give when using them.


Personally, I think this is one of the best quotes we ever printed in ESTILA. As business owners, we face challenges and setbacks all the time. Not many realise especially when making important decisions and dealing with challenges that mindset plays an important role in the final outcome. Shifting that mindset and turning challenging times into opportunities is probably one of the smartest mental shifts you can make. Having the right people around you, that supportive network that helps you make difficult decisions, is super important. There needs to be a balance between following your intuition and removing emotions at the same time. From my personal experience, when you let emotions make the final decision the outcome is never positive.

So how can you turn challenges into opportunities? What kind of situations you can apply this concept to?
One: It can be that your business needs internal restructuring, changing the business model, repositioning or streamlining. The opportunity is to step away and assess the situation from a distance. It might mean looking at, and analysing, the data based on which further discussions and decisions can be made.

Two: It can be that projects which were previously pushed into the background now need to come to the forefront. These can be new collaborations, focusing on a specific segment of the market or finding new opportunities and new revenue streams in new markets.

And three: Perhaps you’re experiencing issues with your suppliers or retailers. Maybe it it’s time to be creative and find new partners and form new partnerships which will help you solve your manufacturing problems on one end and reevaluating your trade terms and conditions on the other.

Once you know where you stand and what needs to be done, creative thinking can be engaged. Regular brainstorming meetings with a focus on resourcefulness (working with what we’ve got right now), as well as seeing the potential (what can we create with it and what outcomes can be achieved?) are always very helpful.

I hope that these three important lessons will help you next time you face challenges or don’t get stuck. Read the full interview with Petra Strand in Vol 9. PROGRESSION and keep it for your reference in your library of resources.

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Cover image: As featured in Vol 9. by Nicola McCullough


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