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The rise of social retail among indie luxe fashion brands

Recent years have seen the rise of something new and disruptive particularly in the fashion industry. Social retail has been here for a while but increasingly it’s the small independent labels that lead the way for the growth of this concept.

If you haven’t heard of it before, social retail is a business model that is centred around helping people and society. It encourages consumers to be more mindful of what they purchase and how they consume it.

Purpose-driven brands educate customers on the social benefits when buying one of their products. One such company that is doing just that is luxury fashion accessory brand Taylor Yates.

This Irish based brand partners with womens’ charities and gives back with each sales of their handbags. As Karen, the co-founder says:

“Choice should not be a luxury only afforded to women born in the right country or to the right family, it should be available to all. We created Taylor Yates to change the world one women at a time. We chose to start with handbags because they are a symbol and often a rite of passage for young girls. We have found our cause, working with Women for Women International.”

Another small independent brand that has similar ethos is KETEVANNA, a Georgian based fashion label that cares deeply about the makers who make their collections and their aim is to empower each of them by creating an working environment where they can learn new skills and feel valued, providing them with fair living income and economic empowerment so they can fulfil their potential in personal and work lives. Each sale becomes more meaningful and purposeful, helping women to be more independent and in control of their lives.

Both brands share their stories in ESTILA Volume 13, available to purchase here.


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