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Swedish sustainable fashion brand enters international markets

With a vision to build a sustainable and holistic lifestyle brand where innovative and sustainable materials are combined with style and functionality, Fajers, a Swedish fashion startup, is for urban and ambitious women who are looking for smart and stylish solutions to their lifestyle.

The sustainable fashion brand was born out of a need identified by its founder, Nina Sjögren- Höe, when she was working in New York’s fashion industry and to balance her hectic lifestyle, she practised yoga and pilates. “Me and my colleagues carried our handbags, computer bags and gym bags around. I had a large handbag and managed to get most of what I needed for the day, but I did not like the feeling that my workout clothes were next to my computer.”

That’s when she had an idea for a fragrance infused gym clutch bag. A clutch that easily fits in a larger handbag which can also be used on its own at a spontaneous dinner or party after work.

Since its launch, Fajers has received international attention for their innovative product and Scandinavian design. British Vogue hand-picked Fajers as a brand to watch. With exposure in German and, the brand is now fully launching in Germany and the United States.

“The USA has topped our statistics since the beginning and Germany captured our interest by being a consumer-driven market with a growing interest in yoga and sustainable fashion”, says Nina.

As part of the strategy to enter the German market, Fajers is involved in an EU-financed project run by Region Blekinge, Almi, Region Skåne, and Invest in Skåne. Through the project, Fajers gets help with optimising the products and presence on Amazon in Germany. “9 out of 10 Germans shop on Amazon and many Germans use Amazon as a search engine when looking for new products, so it felt obvious to include Amazon as part of the strategy for Germany”, says Nina.

ABOUT THE BAG: The bags are made out of a material called Yulex –  the world’s first high performing, non-sensitising, 100% plant-based, and sustainably sourced pure natural rubber.

To find out more about Fajers, please visit the website and follow on Instagram.

Instagram: worldoffajers


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