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Sustainable shopping: Where is the demand?

A new study by luxury cashmere retailer N. Pearl reveals the countries with the most sustainable shoppers by analysing monthly searches in 64 countries. While the USA is the country with the most green-savvy shoppers on the globe, with 29,700 monthly searches for sustainable shopping queries, Europe is the continent with the most sustainable shoppers raking in 74,130 monthly searches.

New data in this study has revealed the countries shopping the most sustainably online.

Topping the list with 29,700 monthly searches, the USA is home to the most sustainable shoppers,  followed closely by the United Kingdom, with 24,500 searches per month.

Top Ten Countries For Sustainable Shopping Online:

  • United States – 29,700 searches
  • United Kingdom – 24,500 searches
  • India – 7,090 searches
  • Australia – 4,950 searches
  • Canada – 2,580 searches
  • Indonesia – 1,220 searches
  • Vietnam – 1,060 searches
  • Ireland – 1,060 searches
  • Germany – 1,010 searches
  • Netherlands – 830 searches

Per continent however, the data distinguishes Europeans as the most invested in making sustainable choices, with 74,130 monthly searches for eco-fashion terms. North America follows with 42,430, and Asia takes third place with 17,600 searches.

The World’s Continents Ranked On Sustainability Interest:

  • Europe – 74,130 searches
  • North America – 42,430 searches
  • Asia – 17,600 searches
  • Oceania – 5,310 searches
  • South America – 3,950 searches
  • Africa – 370 searches

While sustainable shopping is no new concept, awareness has grown rapidly in recent years, prompting brands to evaluate how ‘green’ the products that they offer to their customers are, from having less waste to reducing carbon footprints.

As the popularity of environmentally-friendly shopping has grown, so has the way people refer to it, becoming a trend in its own right and taking on new meanings amongst new generations of shoppers. The research accounted for this, exploring eight key terms on the topic to give a clear understanding, these were:

  • Ethical shopping
  • Ethical fashion
  • Ethical clothing
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Sustainable clothing
  • Eco fashion
  • Second-hand clothes
  • Organic clothing

The findings established that terms which explicitly included ‘sustainable’ were the most commonly used, searched for 47,520 times per month. Amongst these, there were 28,360 searches for ‘sustainable fashion’ and 19,160 searches for ‘sustainable clothing’.

One of the most increasingly popular alternatives to fast fashion emerging amongst gen-z’s/millennials alike is thrifting, which involves buying pre-loved clothes from vintage stores, charity shops, or on one of the ever popular ecommerce selling platforms. As a result, ‘second hand clothes’ was the third most popular query, and the term ‘second hand clothes shops near me’ is being searched for +5000% more now than it has been in the past 5 years.

Jo McLaren from N.Peal commented on the findings: “The media has played a huge role in developing awareness around the need for sustainable shopping choices, depicting the environmental and societal impact to users. Consequently, consumers are becoming savvier in evaluating the choices that they’re making when purchasing new clothes.

At N.Peal, our priority is quality and longevity, and we use exceptional material components in our garment production to ensure that they last longer than just seasonal wear. In this way, we’re ensuring that our customers get more from their purchase”.

Notes: Data was gathered on 64 countries using Ahrefs & Google Trends and is correct as of 08/07/2021.

About N.Peal:

N.Peal is a luxury British fashion retailer, providing exceptionally high quality Mongolian cashmere goods, including menswear, womenswear and accessories. The brand’s proud legacy is evolving to meet the needs of modern day shoppers, using more sustainable methods to source its products and meeting environmental goals. Explore their women’s cashmere collection as well as  cashmere clothing for men online for timeless styles in a material design to last. 

Brand website:
Instagram: npearlcashmere

This article was first published on N.Pearl website.


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