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Sustainable body care by London Bathers

Simple yet salubrious, our daily bathing and showering rituals present a chance to unwind and bask in the present moment. Sustainable body care by independent, family-run business, London Bathers help us do just that, in ways that simultaneously care for our environment.

With sustainability and minimalism at the heart of its eco-conscious ethos, there is no longer a need to choose between beautiful bathing products and protecting our planet. Its product offering includes high quality, low impact products and accessories – from natural ingredients to stripped-back packaging. 

Founded by a former advertising creative, Chris Long, the brand is passionate about UK manufacturing too:

            “I wanted a business that makes a difference environmentally because I’m passionate about looking after the planet we share. I also love Britain’s rich manufacturing history so I wanted to tap into that.”


The brand story is based around building a community of people who appreciate quality products and good design, minus the plastic trail and single-use waste that comes with so many. London Bathers has built a community of like-minded customers by walking the walk – and communicating the process, such as:

  • delivering on foot within their own local area
  • using plain cardboard recyclable packaging
  • paying to take back their own refill pouches for recycling
  • getting involved with rewilding projects

A crucial step on this journey has been building a community of like-minded stockists whose ethos is reflected in the products and vice versa.

            “Our founding ethos is about the stripped-back simplicity of taking a bath or shower. That informed our choices around pure ingredients, refillable and recyclable packaging and our minimalist aesthetic.” 


London Bathers launched with a collection of bathing essentials:

  • handmade bar soaps
  • shampoo bars
  • organic liquid shower gels
  • hand cleansers
  • Dead Sea & Himalyan soaking salts

All soap products are UK made using responsibly-sourced ingredients with no nasties and never tested on animals


Behind their minimalist design and packaging, each product is made using the finest, skin-kind ingredients that London Bathers could source. Simultaneously sensual and functional, the organic cleansers feel silky on the skin, smell divine and look the part in custom-made powder coated brackets.

Bliss Sets designed to add a little luxury every time you bath, shower or wash your hands come with wellbeing benefits to uplift, detox or restore with calming floral accords. And a carefully curated collection of  hand-made cold process soaps and soaking salts enhance the aesthetic of any bathroom.


The products are complemented with a range of minimalist bathroom accessories. Tapping into its design experience, the team developed stainless steel wall brackets and slatted soap dishes to fit the products, custom-made by a company near Portsmouth. Hand-made concrete soap dishes from Spain, and Turkish bath towels also feature in the collection.


Designed to cut out plastic bottles and single-use waste, London Bathers offers products in refillable glass bottles and jars – and refill pouches can be returned to the company in postage-paid envelopes for recycling.

Aside from the refill pouches, the range is packed in plastic-free dispensers, bottles and wraps that can all be refilled and reused. Shipping involves the minimum amount of packaging needed to make sure products arrive in great condition.


“We’re starting to expand our range by sourcing products from independent, authentic companies that share our ethos. And this is opening up a different aspect of community for us, as we become part of a small ecosystem of makers and suppliers that we feel a real affinity with.”

LONDON BATHERS’s story was first featured in ESTILA  print Vol 11. 

Find out more at |@londonbathers

written by Nicola McCullough

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