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Nature-inspired glassware collection

The London based design studio that specialises in contemporary handmade glass, LSA International, continues to showcase its commitment to sustainability in its latest collection, focusing on using and combining sustainable materials, such as FSC-certified wood and glass.

For AW21/22, LSA has crafted a collection of versatile glassware inspired by the natural landscape. The range has been designed to be used and reused in myriad ways, encouraging customers to be resourceful and considered with their purchases. Featuring textured surfaces, this glassware collection aims to be multi- purposeful. Use these pieces as decorative artworks in themselves, storage pieces or vessels for flower arranging, stationery, or even bathroom products.

Oblate – Mixed materials
(image 1)

Forage through a field or garden and add flowers, dried plants and stems to one of the spherically shaped vases with a hollow walnut base.  Elevated on the oiled walnut base, the contemporary shapes may be used as vases, lanterns, planters or bowls.

Lagoon – Organic shapes (image 2)

The new vases/lanterns have unique, rippling forms, evocative of the shapes of lagoons. Each piece is mouth-blown from cased opaline or sea green glass. The ocean-inspired palette has a translucent quality, reflecting the clarity of the water and effervescence of tidal foam. The organic forms may be used as lanterns or vases, naturally arranging flowers in the undulating curves of the glass.

Wicker – Textured finishes
(image 3)

The cylindrical vessels feature a band of texture, inspired by woven wicker, made by blowing molten glass into a specially-crafted mould to produce a distinctive tactile surface. The versatile design can be used for storage and display in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or office.

Handle – Versatile pots
(image 4)

Fill one of the versatile mouth-blown glass pots with a posy of fresh cut flowers from the garden, plant with a small seedling, use on the desktop to store stationery or display on a shelf or sideboard as a decorative pot. Available in a variety of rich colours, the cylindrical forms have a partially textured finish and thick slab handle, formed by hand.

Credits: images provided by Pure PR


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