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More than just a place to stay

As many brands increasingly struggle to capture audiences in the digital world, the real world opens up creative opportunities that can engage and leave an impression on customers that no digital space can offer. Most people still yearn to belong to something great, to be part of a great community (in the physical world).  If we can provide that kind of platform, our customers, in turn, will become loyal to our brand. And brand loyalty is one of the biggest brand’s assets. These days, quality measures higher than quantity.

In a very competitive hospitality market, this couldn’t be truer and more important. Hence, I think, Puro Hotels in Poland, are a great case study to explore. The concept is very simple: to deliver an experience like no other. It’s not only about a place to stay, hotels are social and cultural hubs to “call home while away”, bringing people together. It’s a place where new ideas can be sparked and connections to be made.

So how do they do it? Well, firstly, I think it’s about the decor and design of the space. Each hotel has its unique and stylish interior with curated art collections reflecting its local community and culture. Each piece of furniture tells a story and each artwork has its own meaning. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, putting guests and visitors in a good mood and helping them to feel more relaxed. Paying attention to every detail is key.

Secondly, culture is one of their keywords and part of their brand’s DNA. They care about delivering a cultural experience beyond the hotel’s walls and therefore are on hand when it comes to exploring the city. They can advise guests on all sorts of cultural events happening at that time and can recommend exhibitions, literary evenings, but also design shops and boutiques, restaurants, cafés, and festivals. They are passionate about design, places and creative people. They are the experts and educators for any curious soul.

And thirdly, it’s about the community. They create a space for social events, educational evenings and panel discussions to take place. They partner with and invite creatives from the local art and design scene to get together and explore topics which are relevant to its audience. Visitors and guests have the opportunity to join in the conversation and therefore engage more.

In conclusion, Puro Hotels are about creating an experience, touching all senses – visually through design, sound, smell and taste through the service they provide and touch through not only a physical but also an emotional connection.

Images are showcasing Puro Gdansk. Stagiewna 26, 80-750 Gdansk, tel: +48 563 50 00

For more information about Puro Hotels, please visit

All photography by Anna Stathaki


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