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How one Italian brand is reviving statement jewellery

Pietrasanta was founded by Guido and Adriana in 2019. The couple work between the headquarters in London, where they are based, and the workshop and production facilities in Milan. With Guido’s and Adriana’s combined experience in luxury goods, strategy, history of art and marketing, they lead all aspects of the brand together.


Our story starts in the small town of Pietrasanta, our namesake, a historic village nestled between the famous white-marbled mountains of Tuscany and the warm Mediterranean Sea. The sandy beaches at its feet hosted the most glamorous parties in the 60s-80s where the true Italian style, with guests and celebrities parading the latest Alta Moda and beautiful jewellery, was always on show. This was an iconic time. Pietrasanta overlooked all of this, capturing the changing fashions and the classic dolce vita. We take our name from this village, with the aim of revoking the effortless elegance of Italian fashion and a chance to tell our story.

The seed for Pietrasanta was planted during our childhood, where we would play and dress up with our grandmothers’ jewellery. They wore bold statement pieces and colourful clip on earrings that we would always try on, and the name of our game was obviously Dress to Impress. We grew up with the image of strong women who wore equally impressive jewellery, and this was very important for us. Over the years, we came across a number of Italian artisans that work with high-end fashion labels, creating jewellery and fashion accessories, just like our grandmothers’. This ignited the same creative energy found in our childhood games, and so the concept for Pietrasanta was born.


Pietrasanta was launched with the vision to revive statement jewellery worn throughout the 60s up to the 80s. It was born out of a passion for bold statements and started from a conscious decision to bring a unique jewellery brand into the market, built around slow-fashion principles, quality materials and women.


Pietrasanta offers a sustainable approach to the creation of fashion jewellery. We are strong advocates of slow fashion and are keen to adopt a sustainable approach to how our pieces are made; how the materials we use are sourced; and how we work with and pay suppliers. Every piece has a before and after story – not do we want to share our designs and the stories of the women who we’ve named each after, it’s important to communicate the process of how we work and how each statement piece is made.

Local Production – As a small brand, we know what it means to support local businesses. All of our materials and premium resins are sourced from Italian artisans and family-owned studios, few miles away from our small workshop in Milan. They have generations of craftsmanship behind them and create beautiful and high-quality resins. We’re thrilled to be able to work with these suppliers, and their proximity to our workshop also allows us to minimise our supply chain carbon footprint. This also means that throughout our value-chain, we do not make use of cheap labour. We pay direct trade for the high-quality materials we use, where the skill, heritage and craft demand a premium.

Small Scale – Each item of jewellery is made in small quantities, by hand, requiring skill and time to craft each one. We produce in a small scale as it allows us to manage our production more efficiently. The experience of our workshop ensures that can meet seasonal demands without needing to overproduce and needlessly overstock. Likewise, this small-scale approach applies to the components and beads that we use. They are manufactured in small quantities by artisans, and most are then lacquered or finished off by hand. In short – nothing is mass-produced.

Quality – Creating in small scales allows us to better control our production process, quality of the finished product, and waste. We take our time in choosing quality materials and in hand-making our jewellery. There is the option to source our materials from overseas and take advance of vast economies of scale. However, the quality of Italian-made resin; the variety of the colours & textures available; and the feel & durability of the products is unparalleled. Our jewellery is made to the highest standard and we carefully pick our suppliers to ensure this level of quality.

No Waste – Of the materials we use to create our earrings and necklaces, nothing goes to waste, other than (rare) defects. This helps us to reconcile the problem of overproduction in the fashion industry. It is so important and key to our sustainability vision – by not mass-producing, we avoid waste, unnecessary use of resources and only use what we really need. Our premium is reinforced by the practices and standards we adopt. We find a lot more value in sourcing our materials through local artisans and carefully hand-making each piece. It also helps us to preserve a craft and a part of Italian history, and offers us the chance to share these stories with our customers. After all, we make fashion jewellery that is made to last, through luxury necklaces and earrings that are classic and stylistically sustainable.


Pietrasanta is for those who enjoy fashion jewellery. We specialise in statement earrings and necklaces, made in Italy from high-end Italian resin. Working with resin means that we’re able to offer light-weight jewellery in a variety of colours, designs and finishes. Our pieces are designed to be timeliness – there are classic and modern influences in how they are conceived. The idea is for our pieces not to go out of fashion – rather, to create striking jewellery that complements the clean lines seen in the chic haute-couture of the 80s and have today’s wearer look equally stunning with it. You’re not just buying any piece of jewellery – every Pietrasanta item comes with a craftsmanship behind it, a history, a tradition and a story.

We offer small collections throughout the year. Though we do gravitate towards the main Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer calendar, our seasonal drops consist of up to 15 curated designs and are supplemented throughout the year with smaller capsule collections. Where our seasonal collections allow us to devise and create designs that we want to push and innovate with, our smaller drops during the year are flexible and dictated more by an immediate market feedback. These releases are made of either ad-hoc pieces that complement our current range – such as the Artemisia Earrings line: classic golden tear drop earrings with a burst of colour – or smaller capsule collections like our Pietrasanta Pearls line, offering faux-pearls designs with the same statement jewellery feel.


Pietrasanta is as inspired by past trends, styles and tastes as we are driven to create new, curated, and distinctive designs. The creative process for our seasonal collections is shaped by the colour palates that will be in fashion in two/three seasons’ time, as this is the timeframe that we work to. Influenced from our analysis of trends and seeing what direction the industry is taking, we set the colour schemes we’ll adhere to during the design stage. The design process takes place in our small workshop in the heart of Milan, where we’re surrounded by a multicoloured dream-like ‘library’ of resin beads of different finishes, shapes and sizes. Here we can easily test our concepts and designs to begin building our statement pieces.

We work with female artisans, each with over 30 years of experience in the industry and a career in making jewellery for Italian and international high-fashion labels. Every necklace and earring is made by hand in our workshop, and we only use locally sourced premium Italian resin to craft our statement pieces. The components we use, from the beads to the metallic parts, are completely hypoallergenic – free from nickel, copper and lead. This means happy skin, happy customers


Our customers enjoy designs that are unique, stylish, and most importantly, seasonless. We offer necklaces with a strong presence – they appeal particularly to an older clientele that is familiar with bold statement jewellery and has experienced the changing trends over the decades. With regards to our earrings, we offer a wider selection of models and find that they appeal to a wider range of customers, with a style to match every occasion. Overall, our core customer base is located in mainland Europe and we’re very pleased to see an increased and growing presence in the UK, Netherlands, and the US.

Our luxury statement jewellery also offers an alternative to fine and demi-fine jewellery, in terms of style and price. As our jewellery is made of resin, which is considerable lighter than metals, precious and semi-precious stones, our customers enjoy that our jewellery is lightweight, without compromising on a premium feel or elegant style.

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