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Copper and Silk’s marbled trend in lighting

Over the past 10 years, Copper and Silk has built up a reputation in the interior design industry as the go-to supplier for made-to-order lampshade and lighting designs. Named after the two core materials used in the workshop based in Folkstone, Kent, the brand has collaborated with renowned textile designers and artists. Recently Copper and Silk launched their most exciting marbled collection, The Brook.

In 2019 they saw a steady growth of interest around the traditional craft of marbling. This is a process where inks are suspended in a thin layer of water. Patterns are created by blowing or stroking across the liquids making swirls or stripes, then a coloured piece of paper or fabric is laid carefully onto the liquid, which transfers the pattern from tray to paper. The technique is thought to date back to 10th Century East Asia, but can be found in artwork from many cultures across the world. It produces wild and beautiful designs, unique to each piece as the tray can only be used once.

The difficulty with the traditional method is that it is restricted to small pieces of material, which makes it almost impossible to use on larger lampshades, cushions, curtains or upholstery. As founder of Copper and Silk, Daniel Fosbery says: “Our brief was to create a pattern that looked as organic and free as traditional marbles but could be printed onto cotton or thicker fabrics with an infinite repeat. This was a real challenge and has taken over 6 months to create but we really could not be happier with the final effect. The print design was taken from a real marbled paper sample, with the colour split into layers and then worked on until the repeat was perfect. We are launching with nine carefully selected colourways. The colours are inspired by the Jewel tones that were used traditionally in the paper marbling and have been paired to create a collection of single colour options in blues, greens, reds and golds as well as some striking complementary combinations to add a contrast pop to an interior scheme.”

The collection has been named after the English word for a small stream, which was perfect to describe the fluid and undulating ripples of colour and pattern that runs through the fabric.

These designs are now available to order and swatches can be requested from their website. The fabric is available in a 100% lightweight cotton 160gsm or a much thicker 309gsm Basket weave Panama, perfect for curtains or upholstery. Lead time is just 3-4 weeks and is all printed here in the UK. This collection is also available across all of their lampshade options, including their ever-popular gathered Straight Empires and Candle Shades, with RRP starting on £63 + VAT.

For more information about this collection and their bespoke services, please visit

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