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Uniting the golden girls of the world with Brulée Beauty

From delicate olives and delicious bronzes to soft tans and decadent caramels, Brulée Beauty unites the golden girls of the world in a boundary-defying movement that pays homage to the complexities, depth, and beauty of the golden undertone. “For too long golden undertones have been subdued because of the lack of colour options that cater to them. My approach to creating Brulée Beauty has been very precise – I have created colours and formulas which specifically cater to this undertone. It’s time to let golden complexions shine” says Brulée Beauty founder Fizah Pasha.

Golden-yellow undertones have long been designated exclusively to medium-tan skin tones, when in fact, these multifaceted tones exist in a full spectrum of shades ranging from macadamia to deep caramel. Fizah worked to create a pioneering range of cosmetics that addressed the unique needs of women with golden-yellow undertones, inspired by the variety of golden skin tones visible among her clientele. Brulée Beauty, founded with the vision of creating one-of-a-kind, skin-nourishing products, redefines the cosmetic colour spectrum by embracing the full range of skin tones with a sunkissed undertone.

And since golden skin tones are prone to undereye circles and skin discoloration, launching Brulée Beauty with a pigmented, long-wear concealer was a natural first step. Brulée Beauty’s Signature Concealer hydrates conceals, brightens, and blurs in one simple step, thanks to advanced collagen-boosting and light-diffusing ingredients.

ABOUT Brulée Beauty

Brulée Beauty was founded by global makeup artist Fizah Pash and is working across London, Dubai, New York, and Karachi.

Trained at London’s Delamar Academy, Fizah Pasha is a visionary makeup artist with over a decade of experience in the international beauty industry. Driven by a passion for making women feel beautiful in their own skin Fizah’s signature makeup aesthetic, which celebrates an individualistic approach to beauty, has caught the eye of influential socialites and models who have become loyal clients over the years.




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