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5 useful apps for creating visual content

Lifestyle brands and creative businesses need to be content powerhouses these days. But how can creative founders like you juggle it all while staying on top of it? Whether you have a small team or work alone, helpful tools can save you time massively. I have tried several apps over the past few years and found these five useful apps are the ones I keep using daily when it comes to creating visual content on the go.


Developed by Google, Snapseed is a complete photo editor loved by creative founders across the world. Trust me when I say that I have tried many photo editors in a hope that they will give me something more than Snapseed. But they don’t. I keep coming back to it. It’s the first app I open when I need to adjust brightness, exposure, contrast and saturation of an image. I don’t use their preset filters, I rather adjust and enhance my images manually. Another feature which I use a lot is perspective – for images that I took in a hurry and the angle is not exactly how it should be. You can adjust the image in two ways; tilt horizontally and vertically, and you can also rotate it to get the image in the right position. Normally, you would have to use a tripod and align the camera but if you need something faster, and your image is sharp enough but ever so slightly out of balance, you can use this feature to enhance it and make it look better. The healing brush is also one of my favourite tools. I find it much easier to use than in other apps. If you need to remove a small imperfection from your image, you can zoom really close on it and remove it in a second. It takes the content from its surrounding area and blends really well into the background, which makes the result unnoticeably perfect. Much better then a rubber tool on some other apps which leaves blurry-like marks behind. There are other great cool tools within the editing dashboard such as black and white, portrait, lens blur, double exposure and adding text on your images. Completely for FREE.



InShot is an editing app for images and videos. Its powerful video editing features allow you to create video with ease and edit it for different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp and Twitter. Initially I found it hard to use but once you know your way around, it’s very easy to create videos with music, text and rotate, merge or flip them too. You can speed up or slow down and cut any bits you don’t want in the final version of your video. In addition to video editing, you can also use InShot for creating photo collages with their preset templates. InShot Pro is their paid version. It costs £3.49 per month and if you are a creative founder it has some cool additional features such as transitions, effects and stickers to play with. It also removes the InShot logo and all ads, which are in the free version.



I must admit as someone who uses Adobe Creative Cloud, I don’t use Canva for our design projects. However, after being disappointed by the Photoshop app, I tried the Canva app and more specifically Canva Stories and I love it. You can create highly eye-catching visuals and upload them to your Instagram Stories or save them on your camera roll if you want to repurpose it somewhere else. It’s super easy to use, there is a great collection of preset templates where you can change colours, fonts, edit images and decide on the movement and animation effect you want to achieve. Fun to use! Access it with your Canva account. There are some premium features but its free version is good enough for me.



Similar to Canva Stories, Mojo helps you create beautifully captivating visual stories with movement and animation. Its free version has enough templates for you to get started. Once all done you can upload straight into your Instagram Stories or save it in your camera roll first.



Another great app for creative founders especially when you want to create eye-catching short videos with multiple images is a GIF Maker. The effect is similar to creating a Gif in Photoshop but it saves you time especially when you need to create one in a hurry and directly on your iphone. Just simply select the images in the right order, set the speed and done. Save it in your camera roll and upload to Instagram or Facebook when needed. I wouldn’t recommend this for Pinterest because they have a slightly different sizing and it may affect its quality. They offer 3-day free trial before your subscription starts at £34.99 per year.


And that’s it. I hope these five useful apps for creative founders will help you create some amazing visual stories and content, while saving you time spent in front your computer.


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