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Issue 19: Ethical Living

Estila Studio ethical living

If you haven’t heard our Estila Edit 19 – Ethical Living digital issue is out now, but before I let you know about the concept behind it,  I want to thank everyone who supports our second print issue – VOLUME 2., THE COLOUR EXPLOSION, which we launched last month. It’s going to be available on newsstands until the end of April 2017 so if you haven’t got a copy yet, please head over to our online shop.

By purchasing a copy you’re not only supporting all the emerging brands and designers featured in it, but you also support our mission to empower women in finding their purpose and pursuing their passions.

Now, this Estila EDIT digital issue I call “Ethical Living” and its main message is to show you that slow living doesn’t have to be boring or uninspiring. Rather the opposite. We can still embrace our individuality through making purchasing decisions that are not harming our planet or fuel unfair trading. I hope that some of the features on the following pages will open your eyes to the world of the slow moment; being slow living, fashion or food.

Here’s a little peek inside…

Estila EDIT interiors

Estila EDIT Hyggen shop

Estila EDIT Colours of the month

Estila EDIT fashion forecast

Go and read it, get inspired. Kxx