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Issue 11: Capturing Beauty


I’m so excited to tell you that our 11th issue of High In Style is out now. The initial concept for this issue was supposed to be inspired by summer’s whites, sandy beaches and clear blue sea. I had this vision of flicking through white and turquoise interiors, taking you to exotic locations and play more with neutrals. However, as I was curating the content I realised that, as much as I thought it was a good idea, I found it quite 2-dimensional. I needed more colourful visuals and stories that really inspire. I ended up with something that has a much stronger message. And hence capturing beauty. Beauty in homes, beauty in art, beauty in fashion, beauty in travel and beauty in us, as individuals.

We are constantly bombarded with latest trends; latest this and latest that. While interviewing the women for this issue I wanted to put a message across: follow your intuition and be you! Once you dig deep and find you who are; what your values are, what strengths and weaknesses you have and what you want to achieve, you will realise that you don’t need “the latest”. You are YOU. It used to drive me mad when I was approached by clients who wanted a room designed exactly as they showed me on pictures. Don’t get me wrong, images from magazines or Pinterest are great for inspiration, but whoever’s room it belongs to, they are not you and you are not them. You need to find your own interpretation and put your own spin on it.

And so this issue features articles that try to put this message across. From Sarah Jones, the holistic and wellness expert who focuses on the understanding of your inner world, Jessica Zoob, the contemporary artist who is guided by her own intuition and Sarah Edwards, the founder and designer of Bell & Fox who realised that she wasn’t reaching her full potential in her job so she decided to change her career path in order to live a happy life.

Here’s a little peek inside…


Our design contributor Anouska Lancaster talked to Jessica Russell Flint, the designer and creator of colourful homewares and fashion accessories.


This section is all about linking home decor with wardrobe. To show that colours affect us on many levels. But there’s more. It also features creative design and showcases independent British brands, artists and designers.


Our fashion editor Flavia talks vacation packing which includes wardrobe pieces that will work hard for you well after the holiday season is finished.


Our little treasure uncovered this month is a London based Marina London who specialises in silk garments.


Our beauty editor Nic talks about nude nails, perfect for the summer’s getaways.

And, there are few surprises as well. Take a look inside.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this issue. I appreciate all of you and admire your creativity. This month’s cover is my the talented Jessica Zoob and it’s called Midnight Garden.

I hope you will enjoy reading the issue as much as we enjoyed making it. Let me know what you think!