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How to get customers to buy into your brand

get customers buy into your brand

Nowaways one of the biggest advantages of any successful business are customer loyalty and the power of word of mouth. But how can you encourage people to buy your products and let them share their experience with their friends? What can you do to start attracting more people who deeply identify themselves with your brand, your beliefs and values? I will be sharing my tips on how to get customers buy into your brand in the game-changing masterclass which I will be delivering at Lone Design Club concept store in Chelsea, London next week.

But before I tell you more about what I will cover, I want to first talk about the reasons why it’s so important to start building customer loyalty.

1.Change in consumer behaviour and communication

So firstly, times have changed. Most of us know the basic function of most products. Shoes protect our feet, washing machine cleans our clothes and so on. Those questions are already answered. So the shift now is from “what” (product) and “how” (usage and purpose) to “who” we can connect and align our viewpoints with. For example, think of a brand you buy from on regular basis and think about why you keep going back. What kind of needs, desires and values the brand is satisfying? Can you pinpoint the triggers they communicate and which you respond to? Now think of a brand that you used to buy from but something happened, you don’t go there anymore. Why? (The answers will help you with identifying your own brand story which you should be communicating.)

Most businesses struggle with this shift in communication. Decades old habits, processes and strategies are hard to “unlearn” in a short period of time. Only innovative and forward-thinking brands are willing to try new ways, and experiment more. They understand the importance of brand storytelling, therefore copywriting and high quality visuals production, which they are willing to invest in in order to build stronger market positioning and loyal customer base. They are not afraid to open the curtain and let the customer see what’s going on behind the scenes. They put a heavy emphasis on transparency, whether it’s price, reviews, feedbacks, customer service. 

If you can wrap your head around the new ways of how to communicate your brand to your audience, you’ll start to attract customers who will happily buy into both – your products and your story.


2. The importance of standing out

Secondly, look at the market and see what we, customers, are constantly bombarded with. Consumerism gone crazy! Anything you want, you can buy. There are no limits. As a result, competition is fierce. Sooner or later you’ll be battling for survival. So how can you stand out? Considering my first point, one of the biggest weapons in your battles with competitors is “your story”. Purchasing decisions we make are heavily influenced by not only how good the products and/or services are but also the lifestyle, attitudes, beliefs and feelings they trigger and provide. Standing out is about being unique – having a unique approach, unique product / service and unique lifestyle proposition. Once you can align the viewpoints, loyalty naturally follows.


3.Preparing for a crisis

Thirdly, customer loyalty might be your advantage in crisis. From my personal experience, having built up network of loyal customers, loyalty can make it harder for new entrants in the market to succeed. When competing with similar products, you find that most new entrants will try to undercut you, overpromise their services and basically, try to steal everything what you’ve built up over the years.  One thing they can’t take away from you are the personal relationships you have with your customers. If you keep nurturing those relationships, for example by having open conversations and employing transparency, most customers will stay loyal to you. In some cases you might need to change or adjust your strategy (especially in price wars), but in most cases it works. You do a good job over and over again and you’ll get rewarded with customers who stay with you rather than try someone else, who they don’t trust and know that well.

If you invest in customer loyalty from early on, when crisis strikes, you might be the one rising above the rest.
The masterclass content
So this masterclass I’ll be delivering focuses on the strategies and processes that will help you to start building customer loyalty, turning them into your brand cheerleaders, ambassadors and who will be happily spreading the word about your business to others.
We’ll cover:
  •  How to identify customer behaviour patterns and triggers
  • How to utilise and maximise your existing customer base
  • What you can do to delight customers with something unexpected and surprising 
  •  What strategies you can implement to encourage word of mouth 
  • Understanding loyalty programs, reward strategies and referrals
As always, you will also receive a “bag of wisdom” which you can use as a tool and reference point for your business.
Event information:

The event is held at LDC concept store, 134 Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9AT on Tuesday, 28th May, 2019 at 6pm – 8.30pm.

The ticket costs only £15 (sorry early bird tickets are sold out) and you can purchase it from LDC website.
See you there! Kxx
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