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How to create a stand out fashion brand with Fashion Insiders & ESTILA

fashion insiders create a stand out brand

If you are a small independent fashion brand or label, these days it’s not enough to be just ethical or sustainable. To build a truly stand out brand you need to become a category of one. You need to create a unique product and brand story proposition, taking your customers on a journey with you. After having several conversations with Dessy Tsolova from Fashion Insiders & Co, we decided to host this FREE “How to create a stand out fashion brand” masterclass where we take you through three key ingredients in building a recognisable and successful brand.

We feel that while there has been a lot of talk about surviving the pandemic, not many focus on the longevity of a brand. Rather than being reactive, we want to open your mind to being more prepared for what’s to come in the following years. We find that there seems to be a lack of practical know-how and solid knowledge shared especially when it comes to long term planning and strategising. Remember, if you are a fashion brand owner, you need to always keep moving, and moving your business forward. Opportunities are all around us, even in downturn. We don’t want to you to be the victim of short-term fixes, instead we want to be giving you real life case studies of businesses who have built highly profitable and recognisable brands with strong market positions, reputations and customer bases.

And so in this masterclass we will take you through the most overlooked yet basic elements that help you to position your brand for future growth, or reposition it when the market environment and other external factors change. Take it as a thought-provoking and ideas triggering session which takes your mind into a new space.

This is what we will focus on:

1.How successful brands differentiate themselves in the sea of sameness

2.Why successful brand positioning doesn’t just happen, but it is based on strategy

3.How to present your brand consistently in an authentic way

If you are a small fashion brand founder or designer and want to join our How to create a stand out fashion brand reserve your place here.