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From eco-friendly future wall coverings, traditional craftsmanship to biophilic and wellness design, this edition is a must-read for any designer and creative.


Get featured

Put your brand in front of an audience who is eager to meet you, know about you and learn more about what you do. Unlike other readers of magazines, ESTILA magazine readers are highly active participants. When you get featured in ESTILA, you reach the right people.

Quality over quantity

Our readers are design-obsessed and love discovering new designers, brands and artists. Most of our readers are collecting our bookazine volumes because they love to hang on to its content for future reference or a dose of inspiration. It serves as a resource for finding collaborators for retail, PR, marketing and social media projects and campaigns. Our readership includes interior designers, interior bloggers and influencers, stylists, fashion designers, graphic designers, artists, illustrators, independent boutique owners and other creatives. We reach nearly 4 million readers globally through ISSUU, the digital publisher platform, while building our subscription print readership here in the UK.


through brand stories


Sharing your brand story in more detail gives the reader an insight into who you are as a business. Modern consumers are keen to know what brands stand for, their passions, purposes and missions. They fall in love with businesses who share similar ethos to them and who understand their needs, wants and desires. From one time transaction they become loyal fans and ambassadors. That's why sharing your brand story is so important. Outdated traditional press focusses on product promotions, we focus on telling in-depth brand stories to give modern readers what they seek out and want.

Better exposure
better visibility

These days it is no longer enough to be get featured on a platform driven by pushy advertisements and low quality articles published multiple times a day in a hope that one will go viral and drive all the traffic back to “ads”.   Such platforms are replacing quality with quantity, featuring everyone and no one, in a hope to sell more banner ads and media package deals than actually serving their readers.

We do the opposite. Our priority is, always has been, quality content first. This gives you higher quality exposure, better visibility and even a phone call from someone who wants to work or buy from you.

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We do things differently

Unlike other publications we don’t have to answer to advertisers. This gives us full control of the content we curate and create. We are usually the first print publication which gives emerging designers, brands and artists the space to share their stories, leading them on to amazing PR and business opportunities.

Who do we feature?

Get featured with us if you are..


Lifestyle brands

The lifestyle industry is one of the most saturated markets to trade in. Whether an emerging or established brand, we understand how hard it can be to get your brand story published. As more and more consumers want to connect with brands on more meaningful and deeper levels, we give brands the opportunity to share their story over as many pages as they need to put their message across in an effective way.


Interior designers

We feel that there are not enough platforms who share the real stories of interior designers out there. The stories of creative processes, aha moments, challenges of running a design studio but more importantly the stories of values they share with their clients and suppliers. We, therefore, are keen to hear from designers who want to share their experiences and knowledge.


Artists & creatives

Creativity and artistic expression is something we not only champion but also have in common with our readers. We acknowledge the fact how hard it can be to navigate through the art worlds so we share stories of artists who have been on such journeys and make a living from their passions and talents.


To get featured in ESTILA magazine, please take a look at our past issues, both in print and digital, to get a feel of what we’re about. We only work with brands that fit our ethos and visual style. Submit your story suggestion via email: editor (at)

If you haven’t heard from us within 14 days, please assume that on this occasion your request has been unsuccessful. However, please feel free to keep us informed at a later date.


Our features are either in an interview format or as a brand story format. They spread over 4-8 pages to give opportunity to our readers to meet and connect with you on a deeper level. High quality, eye-catching lifestyle photography is absolutely necessary to the tell that story. Hence, we insist on one founder’s image, and 4-6 visuals that communicate the essence of your brand and capture its values, ethos and style.


If we feel that your story needs a specific angle, we sometimes request press loans. We require the arrangement of sending and collecting the press loans to and from our address and it is your responsibility to cover postage or courier costs. If you want us to arrange press loans returns, an administration fee plus shipping costs will be required prior the order.

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Making the best
of your feature

To get featured with us all you have to do is send us the content and share your story. We’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll create the most beautiful story feature and give you all the visual assets which you can use across social media, journal and newsletters.


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