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Volume 3: The Blossom Girl on issuu

the blossom girl

I’m excited to announce that we’ve been selected by issuu to participate in an early version of their new digital sales feature. Our readers can now preview and buy access to our magazine on We are big fans of issuu, the world’s largest digital publishing and discovery platform, because of the beautiful, mobile-ready reading experience it offers our fans.

I’m really excited to start selling digital access to Estila on issuu because the added revenue will make it easier for us to up our game and bring you even more quality content. We hope you’ll continue supporting the work we do by purchasing access to our Volume 3: The Blossom Girl for just 2.99USD.

What’s inside the issue? Always passionate about learning and self-development, for this issue I was inspired by the power of blossoming. The word blossom can mean many things. To me, to blossom means to progress and grow. The only way we can do that is to keep learning. Learning about our abilities and ourselves. Learning about the things around us and learning from others. I believe that case studies are one of the best ways of learning. Hence, I’ve included more inspiring interviews with women who believe in themselves and their creative businesses.

My starting point for THE BLOSSOM GIRL volume was the stunning “Sonia” on the front cover. Created by a very talented British botanical illustrator, Georgie St Clair, it represents elegance and sophistication at its most creative level. From there we explore interiors designed by a London based interior design and architecture studio, 1508 London, and an effortless eclectic home by Ruth Daniels. In fashion we look into the future of style from Paris 2017 and we discover great emerging designers and brands including Maria Hatling, Black & Sigi and Michelle Lowe-Holder. All of them are creators of their labels but also their lives.

I’m introducing a new section called business mindset. It’s still an experimental part of our volumes. I’m hoping that, through this new feature, we can encourage you to become a style creator and leader of your own journey.

Here’s a little peek inside…


Go and read it, get inspired. Kxx