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ESTILA Volume 10

ESTILA Volume 10

The idea for this ESTILA Volume 10 came from a conversation about men in creative industries. After hearing some amazing stories, I wanted to give them a space where they all can share their journey and experiences. I must say, they delivered. Each story is a great case study to get inspired by.

So what’s inside?

Honesty, patience, perseverance, frustrations, problem solving, creating and educating new markets, brands that do good for our planet and people. Struggles, challenges and successes. I think this is one of the most inspiring, thought-provoking and motivational bookazines we produced so far. Interviewing men was fun but we learnt so much too. They say it as it is. I personally felt energised, motivated and hopeful by reading the stories of artist Olly Howe, interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni and fashion brand Disorder. They are so impactful on your mind!

Get inspired by Copper & Silk story who gives an insight into the interiors world from the supplier perspective, working with interior designers on projects such as the Manolo Blahnik store in London. Staying in interiors, Hayche is a furniture brand that also supplies the contract, hospitality and trade market with their sustainably manufactured chairs. I learned how powerful collaborations in the industry can be for a brand that is new.  I was also very impressed by Tempus Faire and Rabot 1745 (a beauty brand by Hotel Chocolat) who put social change at the core of their businesses. Their stories are the stories of future business when social purpose will overtake greedy profits. Everybody can learn from them!

Other fascinating reads are the interviews our beauty editor Nicola did with Daniel Sandler, the celebrity make-up artist who launched a make-up range after spotting a real problem during photoshoots in hot and wet climates, and  men-ua beauty brand with real purpose, created to simplify men’s beauty regime. Genius!

And let’s not forget Beddable, who offer bedlinen in bundles to make a shopping experience for your bedroom stress-free. While talking about stress-free, Ryan James delivers a similar concept in his Glasgow-based store for men. Providing a highly personalised service, experiential events and advice, this is a place where men can come in, get their wardrobe sorted out over a beer and informal chat.

I also wanted to highlight British craftsmanship in the fashion accessory world, so I reached out to MacKenzie Leather in Edinburgh. After a long road of struggle, they finally found their place where customers can come in and see how their beautiful leather bags are made in front of their eyes. How cool is that?

And finally, if you’re an artist or know one, Circle Triangle Square is a new platform which supports and promotes emerging talent in the art world. From painters to sculptors, they work with them in their early days. Great concept – one that disrupts the current gallery model.

If you like to network with likeminded creatives in business, we share the story of Homegrown, a new networking club in London. This is a place where you can mingle with creative entrepreneurs and market leaders. Warning- the interiors are insane!!

Plus, there is a bonus story at the end. Yes, this is our second volume which has two covers. I met Kit Miles in his studio where he creates his very unique wallpaper and textile designs.  I haven’t met anyone else who thinks in three dimensions and aims to produce the work of the future. An absolutely mind-blowing interview. One that makes you happy inside!

If you are ESTILA subscriber, you’ll be getting your bookazine through your letterbox next week. If you want to purchase it separately as a non-susbcriber, you can get the volume here. 

Happy reading!