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Introducing ESTILA TALKS - short conversational sessions covering some of the most pressing issues and topics every ambitious founder should know about. Designed to be thought-provoking, action-driven, inspiring and motivational, the talks are recorded live and available for watching afterwards inside our club.
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Recorded 18th January 2022

PR Trends 2022: How upcoming changes can help shape your PR strategy

In this conversation for ESTILA TALKS series, two industry insiders (Karolina Barnes, ESTILA and Rosie Davies, PR Dispatch) will be discussing key trends in PR, helping you shape your result-driven PR strategies. Highlighting five important changes every independent creatively-led business can easily prepare for and integrate into their PR campaigns and pitches, you will leave this session with actionable insider tips. 

Through case studies and examples, we will cover story angles and pitching tactics for you to maximise your PR efforts and budgets, bringing it all together into an effective PR plan for the whole year ahead. An unmissable opportunity to gain insightful information your business will benefit from, helping you stand out more in front of editors and journalists, and driving the best possible PR results for you in 2022.

Scheduled for mid April 2022

Retail Trends 2022: Understanding changes in customer behaviour and needs

As retail keeps evolving, changing and adapting to the continuous challenges of the pandemic, in this ESTILA TALKS interactive session, Karolina Barnes (STUDIO/ESTILA) will take you through the most important retail trends your business should be aware of. Then, with practical tips and ideas on how to implement new systems to accommodate the changes, Karolina will help to open your eyes to the sales opportunities which you otherwise might be missing out on. An unmissable opportunity to gain insightful knowledge and competitive advantage your business will benefit from in 2022 and beyond.

PR trends 2022

Scheduled for end of April 2022

Marketing Trends 2022: How to deliver customer experience without a physical store

It’s been reported that 81% of customers prefer to shop in stores because of the physical experience they are getting. So if your business trades only in the digital space, what can you do to enhance the customer experience? In this ESTILA TALKS session, Karolina Barnes (STUDIO/ESTILA) will take you through some of the key marketing trends which you can implement in your systems to delivery unique experiences without the presence on the high street. And the good thing is that most of them are budget friendly too. An unmissable opportunity to gain insightful knowledge which your business will benefit from in 2022, helping you create memorable experiences for your customers.