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Escape the ordinary

escape the ordinary

I came across Neola jewellery at Scoop London and immediately I was drawn to their sophisticated jewellery design. I also love their hashtag escape the ordinary campaign. I think that the idea is brilliant!

Andrea, the founder of Neola, is a well traveled jewellery designer. Originally from Vienna, Austria she came to London 15 years ago. Her designs are therefore heavily influenced by Art Nouveau and its art and design. Not influenced by trends, she likes to experiment with different shapes, patterns and materials creating her own style and voice.




Gorgeous, right?  I love the simplicity and complexity of the jewellery. Really stunning pieces that, I think, are  quite exotic yet timeless, stylish and elegant. And the colours? I could have them all. I just can’t pick my favourite. All jewellery is handmade by highly skilled artisans using precious metals and natural gemstones. Plus the collections are set in 18ct gold and silver sterling, which to any allergy sufferer to metal (like me) is very important.

For further information or to make a purchase, please visit Neola website.