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Embrace the blues


I find January quite a challenging month. It’s the time of the year when we have the opportunity to draw a line and put past events behind us, and instead we look optimistically to the near future. We make plans, set goals and we promise to ourselves to be a better person. Having said that, this week I’ve been kind of lost. I blame the post-Christmas blues for that. I’m trying to get organised and focused but instead I’m faffing around, trying to get my mojo back. Then I decided instead of fighting it, I will embrace the blues, literally.

Blue is one of the most versatile hues on the colour wheel. Whether you wear it or paint the wall with it, with its wide spectrum of shades and tones you cannot go wrong. However, blue works best with other colours. In interiors lighter tones seem more gentle and feminine and give the impression of space while darker shades are more dominant and masculine. But whatever you choose one thing is for sure: blue is said to reduce stress, inspires calmness and relaxation, and apparently is the colour most linked to creativity and intelligence. I take that.

My personal recommendation? Pair it with neutrals with a hint of green. I’m loving the Dahlia bag with a simple white top, a pair of jeans and mint green statement earrings.

Here are my favourite picks:

embrace the blues
SHOP THEM HERE: Sarah Haran / Galapagos Designs / Decor.A.List / Faber Novella / Victoria von Stein / Penelope Hope / Claire Gaudion

Happy shopping! Kxx

P.S. All featured brands are small independent British labels