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Covid-19: creative businesses who thrive in crisis


We all deal with crisis in different ways. In business, there are two typical reactions in the immediate response to pressurised environments – one group of people panics and the other keeps their heads cool. The first group gets into an emotional turmoil reacting through irrational thinking driven by the emotional overwhelm, the latter assesses the situation, identifies potential opportunities, plans, strategises and puts things in motion. In response to Covid-19, this article gives examples of creative businesses who have done just that, and who thrive in crisis.

Please note that the following case studies have been monitored over a period of a few weeks since launching their strategic projects.

1. Black & Sigi’s friendship bracelet campaign – making connections and creating together

The lockdown has been putting extra pressures on families. Children are off school, parents are off work. Parents become teachers. Children get bored. Black & Sigi came up with friendship bracelets which kids can make with adults together, bonding, making something meaningful and creating memories. These bracelets can also be sent to friends and family to remind them that they are thinking of them in these strange times, as well as hardworking key workers and NHS heros who risk their own lives to save others.

Result: Black & Sigi experienced a significant increase in sales and brand awareness.

To find out more about BAS Friendship Bracelets, click here.

2. Claire Gaudion’s collaborative moodboard project – bringing the design community together

While people have more time to spend indoors, some may turn their attention to unfinished diy jobs around the house or start planning a new decorating makeover project. Claire came up with a service where design enthusiasts can get started on the first stage of the design process – moodboards and concept creation. Bringing together interior designers, homeware brands, interior photographers and stylists, customers fill in a detailed questionnaire and receive a personalised moodboard of the visual feel with product suggestions. Once received, customers can get inspired, find the right direction, spark new ideas and focus their intentions for their decorating projects.

Result: Collaborating with other leading industry businesses, Claire Gaudion have been experiencing an influx in website traffic and brand awareness. Aligning to other businesses improves the brand’s market positioning and potential customer acquisition mid term.

To find out more about Claire Gaudion Collaborative Moodboard Project, click here.

3. Sarah Haran’s “bag of joy” scheme

Bringing a little joy to Sarah Haran’s customer base, Sarah has launched a 3 month loyalty club campaign which enables the brand to spread some joy, giving customers an opportunity to receive a complimentary handbag as a thank-you for their support. “Bags of Joy” members get exclusive access to unique bag designs at a discounted rate. If customers spend a certain amount on their website within the 3 month period, they receive a complimentary handbag worth of £325.

Result: Sarah Haran has been experiencing increase in demand and sales. The campaign so far has been very well received, allowing the brand to build customer loyalty, which will prove to be useful for mid to long term strategies.

To find out more about Sarah Haran’s “Bag of Joy” campaign, click here.