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Estila home: Cool confidence with Lindon Town

Estila Home cool confidence with Lindon Town

Estila homes are all about interiors with a personality, colour and balance. Over the past magazine issues we have featured some amazing house tours created by emerging British interior designers and stylists such as this one which we wrote about in our Issue 4

Estila home cool confidence with Lindon Town

Estila homes cool confidence with Lindon Town

Estila home Coll confidence with Lindon Town

Estila home cool confidence with Lindon Town

Estila home cool confidence with Lindon Town

Estila home cool confidence with Lindon Town

This contemporary cool apartment in London, designed by Rebecca Lindon from Lindon Town, bursts confidence in colours and style.  The space throughout is decorated with various shades of grey used as backdrops for all those bright colours to come out and draw attention to. From turquoise and yellow in the main living area to vibrant red in the guest room, this home is a perfect example of how to inject personal taste into a space with balance and thought.

A neutral modern palette of greys carried throughout the apartment in varying shades re-energised the space and contemporary calm flowed. Bursts of colour brought the personality party.

In the master bedroom the colours are brought in through wall art, the bespoke leather headboard and cushions. The rug adds additional textural element and shape that breaks up the geometric lines in the space. Additionally, it keeps the colour scheme grounded  yet brings in interest and style.

The grey canvas continues into the bathroom in form of the dark porcelain floor tiles and the limestone mosaic around the bath area. The various shades and tones of the mosaic give the space necessary texture and pattern, while being highly practical and visually light and airy.

Rebecca’s tips:
1. MAKE A STATEMENT: Paint ceiling a different colour, finish or if you’re feeling brave, stripe it out wide with tape or geometric pattern. Pick a dark colour to keep it sophisticated. Hang an oversized pendant for maximum impact. Create your own gallery and hang family pictures for art from floor to ceiling.

2. FURNITURE: Invest in best quality furniture you can afford. I don’t always think you need to spend a fortune to get a high end luxury look but generally speaking – buy cheap equals buy twice!

3. PAINT & COLOUR: Undoubtadly the single most transformative thing you can do to change the vibe of a space. Paint out a window recess, door frame, skirting board or exaggerate architectural details to bring in a touch of bold colour. 

4. ART: Don’t underestimate the power of art. If interior design is about the aesthetic of a space, optimise the visual ambience with statement pieces. The time, talent, love and emotion invested by the artist, I believe, radiates a vibe and harmonises with your style and design preferences and takes it up a whole other notch.

5. STYLE & CLASH: A mis-mash of items is so much more visually interesting that all the same vibe. It excites the eye, the mind and your friends to take in a collection of styles and scale. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

6. DO IT WITH LOVE: What could be more intimate than your home space so make sure you fill it with things you love, not because it was a bargain, or trendy or you think it might go with something at home. Make considered choices about things you love, go with your instinct and if you’re not sure, do a little mood board to see how everything gels together. 

First published in December 2015. Credits: all photography by Lindon Town.


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