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Colourful sofa for modern living


Are you playing it safe when it comes to purchasing a sofa for your home? While grey and neutrals are still first go-to colour options, more and more of us are opting for colourful statement pieces that compliment our existing furnishings.

But we don’t have to go all crazy. Mixing bolder shades with neutrals, that are in balance, creates a modern, individual and timeless look. When it comes to choosing the right colour of your sofa, ask yourself these 3 questions:

Can I live with this colour for 5 and more years?

How versatile is this colour?

What other colours go well with it?

Above: This Muuto Connect Sofa in rose is from Nest UK. Its modern yet timeless long lines make it versatile to go with any style and colour. Price £2,190


Above: Vitra Alcove Two-Seater from Nest UK is a perfect nest for relaxation and comfort. Price £4,558

When choosing your colourful sofa, look at its design, style and shape to ensure that it fits your taste and personality. Timeless, clean, simple lines will never go out of fashion.


Above: Vitra Mariposa Sofa from Nest UK in lemon injects character and freshness to any room. Its flexibility to adjust the side and backrest elements makes it very practical and comfortable. Price £4,321

See more offerings on Nest UK website.