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Colourful bedroom with Penelope Hope

penelope hope

I featured Nadia Newton’s amazing story in our January issue. She is the founder and creative director behind Penelope Hope, a British interiors brand specialising in luxury colourful textiles and soft furnishings. Inspired by her surroundings on the island of Guernsey, she designs beautiful fabrics, cushions and furniture. As an example, using her cushions, I want to show you how you can create a colourful bedroom without touching the walls.

Now, there are tons of articles on this but what you have to remember is balance is key here. Many go over the board and create a colourful bedroom that seems busy and chaotic. If you are not one of them but still want to inject some colour and personality into your space that feels sophisticated and calm, using statement cushions is the way to go.




As you can see, Penelope Hope cushions are statement pieces on their own so you really don’t need anything else. Keep your walls, flooring, furniture and bedlinen white or very light so the colours and patterns can take the centre stage. To tie it all together, all you need is a nice rug or a piece of art in the same colourways.



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Check out Penelope Hope website for more inspiration and information. #highlightingbritishbrands