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Fashion Brand

Black & Sigi

About Black & Sigi

Modernising the art of wire wrapped jewellery


Black & Sigi was born from the idea of two sisters, Clio and Athena, and their passion to create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman to express her inner confidence and beauty.

Each piece is made from their studio in Leigh on Sea, UK and they take inspiration from all areas that make up who they are; from their Italian heritage to the people in their lives. Each range is designed and created to reflect different loves and experiences, and aims to relate to every woman.


Their values are deeply rooted in their heritage, upbringing and culture. They are passionate about empowering women at any age and walks of life. They also put heavy emphasis on collaborations and are passionate about supporting local community.

“We believe in accessibility but never compromising on quality, style and design. Our wire wrapping technique, passed down from generation to generation, allows us to be creative and innovative. And even though we are self-taught, it doesn’t stop us to constantly experiment, allowing us to keep the traditional skill modern and alive.”


Clio and Athena are sisters, born in Genova, Italy and raised in Leigh on Sea, Essex. Named after characters in Greek mythology, their inspirations are drawn from their heritage and names sake, given to them by their late father, cherishing the memories with him through their classic collection.

Black is being their mothers maiden name and Sigi, the nickname given to their father taken from their surname Sigismondi. Their whole ethos is interlocked in their roots and family, and continues to be a big part of the company today. BAS is about community and support, and like the supportive family they come from, the BAS human campaign is an extension of this ethos, identifying the strong and supportive characters in your life through the jewellery they wear.

The sisters started on very separate paths before joining forces on Black & Sigi. Both following careers in Shipping and Hospitality before launching their jewellery brand in 2015 online and in their first boutique in their home town of Leigh on Sea. A partnership that was predicted 20 years prior by a clairvoyant. BAS was truly written in the stars.

The sisters have taken the age old jewellery technique of wire wrapping and modernised it. Making it accessible to all, without compromising their style and design. They are self-taught in the trade, and are constantly learning and finding new and interesting ways to use the technique.

Established 2015

Contact Info
Fillebrook Avenue, Leigh on Sea
+44 7882 493 494



Juno Gold Earrings, £37.50
Aphrodite Gold Bangle, £45
Aphrodite Gold Earrings, £35
Juno Gold Bangle, £45

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