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3 different ways to maximise sales in the festive season

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, pre-Christmas product launches, Boxing Day sales, the festive season present itself with great sales opportunities. While some say that the former might be dead, if you’re
apps for creative founders

Five useful apps for creative founders

Lifestyle brands and creative businesses need to be content powerhouses these days. But how can creative founders like you juggle it all while staying on top of it? Whether you
Nocera Ferri

Why still life photography should be included in your brand communication

If you have an online store or brand website having a stand out photography can make or break your business. Not only that it sets you apart from your competition, but
future of the fashion industry

What is the future of the fashion industry?

While we are going through these unprecedented times caused by Covid-19, many fashion start-ups and independent fashion brands might be thinking about how the fashion industry will change in future.
Hettie engage your customers

3 creative ways to get your customers engaged with your brand right now

The world is moving so fast these days. What worked yesterday probably won’t work today, never mind tomorrow. The game might have changed but the playing field is more even.
Reflecting on business

Reflecting on your business over the summer

For most creative businesses, the commercial year includes two fallow periods – the Christmas/New Year break and the longer summer holiday stretching from the end of July through to the
headshot for PR

The importance of the headshot

You’re doing your own thing! You’ve found your niche, analysed your competitors, pin-pointed your target audience, developed your brand, set up your website. It all looks amazing! One of the

Enhance your customer experience with print

If you ask your customers what they really want, one answer might surprise you. It’s been well documented already that in the current full on, digital world, we actually want
marketing tool

Marketing tool: What can every business learn from a Swiss chocolatier

On my recent trip to Germany I came across a Swiss chocolatier, and no it wasn’t Lindt, and they used a very simple marketing tool which I thought was very