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Lüks is an ethical, independent textile brand. We work with master weavers to create products that are both beautiful and versatile – focusing on natural materials & traditional processes. We create with longevity and sustainability in mind for those with a passion for interiors, travel and wellbeing. Ethically made and hand loomed by master weavers our collection of Turkish textiles are endlessly versatile and lifetime lasting. Every purchase has purpose as not only are you investing in amazing quality and design you are also helping to support small business and the preservation of this centuries old craft.


Lüks is committed to providing quality products that are ethically sourced, sustainably produced and rich in cultural heritage. We work with small ateliers and artisans who have been hand looming for generations, using locally produced natural materials. In doing so we hope to promote the time honoured skills which our master craftsmen possess and go some way to help to preserve the tradition of hand looming, which has over recent years been heavily impacted by mass market machine manufacturing. When looked after and cared for with the love they deserve, our products can last for years. Firm in this belief, we proudly offer a 20 year guarantee and will happily repair or replace any peshtemal and blanket that doesn’t live up to our stringent quality standards – now when was the last time you saw that kind of belief in craftsmanship being displayed in your high street stores?

Established 2015

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Brighton, Sussex, UK



luks linen towel
Damla Peshtemal, £39
luks linen dress
Shantung Lounge Dress, £95
luks linen scarf
Tulin Scarf, £39
luks linen cushion
Emin Cushion, £65