Beautiful British lighting and décor


Studio Arcform was founded with a mission to redefine British bespoke lighting and create effortless products with clean lines, free of any unnecessary detail. Handcrafted and made to order in their workshop in England, Studio Arcform uses traditional processes of metal forming, burnishing and polishing, which are applied with accurate precision and exceptional attention to detail. They are passionate about sustainability in the lighting industry, trying to do their bit to minimise their impact on the environment. From design, materials and production to packaging and installation, every step and process is carefully considered. 


Founded in July 2020 by Steve and Jen Hughes, Studio Arcform was launched from a passion to create modern British lighting, designed and handcrafted by their team. Steve has worked at some of the most iconic British engineering businesses over the years. A journey that has taken him from £1m supercars to tractors and electric cars with supersonic energy storage – all of which were precision engineered and manufactured in the UK. But deep down they always knew that they have a passion for interiors and product design, leading them to founding Arcform. 


Simplicity is the ultimate luxury. They couple beautiful materials with a restrained palette of finishes. Their trademark signature style features beautiful flowing designs that they not only engineer but also make them by hand and with meticulous attention to detail, too.


Their philosophy is to create effortless, flowing, curved products made to order in their UK workshop.


All products are designed and made in the UK. 

Established 2020

Contact Info
Unit B5, Quarry Park, CV32 6RW
01926 754 134



ARC 12 Chandelier, £2,950
Flute Ceiling Pendant, £425
Folio Table Lamp, £595
Arc 3 Cascade, £665