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Book club: on small business tips

small business tips

We’re starting a new month with a new book review and I must say that this book is one of those books which will definitely make a mark in your mind. Designed and created for small business owners, “Simple tips, Smart ideas” by Erica Wolfe-Murray * should be on a desk or bedside table of every ambitious small business founder. Why?

Firstly, I have to mention the way it’s put together. Unlike many other small business books, the content is broken down into easy-to-consume sections and sub-sections, which are cleverly designed visually, so your brain doesn’t get overwhelmed by a ton of information in one go. I think this kind of attention to detail is something I don’t see very often and it definitely helps the reader to actually absorb and take in the information and the message Erica wants to put across.

Secondly, as quoted by, Erica is a leading business and innovation expert, who has been helping and working with hundreds of founders and creative directors for many years. Hence, Erica knows her stuff really well. She draws on her experiences working with them, taking the best ideas, while providing invaluable tips for business growth and prosperity.

And thirdly, as we all learn better by reading how, what and why other business owners do what they do (which, if you are a subscriber to ESTILA bookazines, you probably know very well – we exist is because of this notion), Erica supports her guidelines, ideas and tips with relevant case studies which help greatly in terms of understanding. I love how they are thought-provoking and innovative! They put you in a different zone while your mind travels to a territory you probably haven’t let yourself enter with the disruption of your busy daily business routine. While most founders don’t have time for such questions, thoughts and ideas, it is vital to put them in the forefront. What the book does well is leaving that little mark on your thought process so you begin to practise those thoughts and ideas.

My biggest takeaways:

  • Understand what you actually sell. Most founders have an idea of what they sell, seeing it from their perspective but do you really understand what you sell from your customer side? What is the emotional connector that draws them to your business? How do you inspire them?
  • The importance of understanding the numbers (accounts – P&L, margins etc), IP (trademark, copyrights, patents) and assets.
  • Market your business through storytelling – yes, yes, yes!! We have a whole section of brand storytelling on this website. But Erica reinforces the message of making an emotional connection between your business / offering and your customer. And she gives guidance on how to find it.

Go and get this book!!

For more information about Erica’s work, please visit

P.S. Erica has kindly gave us one chapter from the book to all our readers as a special insert with ESTILA Vol 9., which you can purchase here.

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