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Book club: great for strategies

Business book for strategies

As a small business owner one area you should be constantly practising is learning. Learning from others, learning from case studies, learning from books. As we are now gearing up to the busy Christmas season, I thought I’d share with you the books which you might get inspired by in terms of marketing, sales and strategies.

How to grow your business by Alex Blyth

There are books that are bestsellers for five minutes and then there are books which you can always go back to for sparking ideas. This one is one of them. I’m not sure if it has been updated or nor, but it doesn’t really matter. All strategies, tips and case studies are based around the basic consumer’s behaviour, so I’m sure it will give you some ideas and open your mind to possibilities or opportunities you can explore.

Why is it must-read?

This book is all about building solid, future-proof business foundations. I see businesses around me which are being built on very fragile foundations. Those businesses can still grow and be turned around when the time comes but to save you a lot of stress, headache and worry, you need to be patient and use strategic thinking to get you where you want to be, without  weakening your foundations. This book covers all that.

My biggest takeaways:

Lesson one: Use your existing customers to attract new ones and focus on customer’s loyalty. This was like a mini-revolution to me. How could I have forgotten about my customers? We all get sucked into day to day activities and sometimes the most obvious starting point for growth is right in front of you. I’m the same. Thanks to Chapter 8., we are now putting a whole new customer’s journey experience together where we encourage this kind of behaviour.

 Lesson two: The power of collaborations and how to create a hit list of brands you want to work with one day. This is something I have already done but your hit list is a work in progress, constantly moving tool which you should have at the forefront of your strategy. Once you know who you need to target and what with, you can start filtering and scanning the markets for opportunities. Chapter 7. has great case studies which will definitely give you some ideas for your business.

Happy reading!

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