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Book club: a must-read book for October

must-read book

As a small business owner one area you should be constantly practising is learning. Learning from others, learning from case studies, learning from books. In this month’s book club I want to bring attention to a book which I think is great for anyone exploring the short-term retailing as part of their business strategy. A must-read book for October is: 

Pop-Up Retail: How You Can Master This Global Marketing Phenomenon by Christina Norsig

Why is it must-read?

Retail in general is changing. If you are an independent designer or indie brand you probably have come across pop-up retail before. Maybe you are even considering organising one, either on your own or collaborating with other small businesses. The problem I see, when it comes to pop-up retail, is that majority of them are not creative enough. Working with a space that has its own limitations can be challenging, but it shouldn’t prevent you from creating a highly impactful retail experience. Because that retail experience, aside from your products, will define the success of the pop-up event and the return on investment. 

This book will open your mind to what’s possible. Through its case studies it can help you to identify the right strategy and concept for your pop-up event. The author, Christina Norsig, has vast experience in organising various pop-ups. In particular, I like how  she offers her advice first hand, talking from her own experiences in a very transparent way. She describes the mistakes retailers make, which can be so helpful because if you know what and how not to do them, you are standing a better chance of succeeding.

My biggest takeaway:

Reading through the case studies of bigger retailers, such as Build A Bear,  tapping into this concept and how they came up with a solution which benefited them. Creative thinking, beyond the general notion of pop-up strategy, made a huge difference in terms of customer’s satisfaction. A must-read book for sure!

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