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Book club: a must-read book for November

must-read book november

As a small business owner one area you should be constantly practising is learning. Learning from others, learning from case studies, learning from books. In this month’s book club I want to bring attention to a book which I think is great for anyone exploring  wholesale and retail while manufacturing own products. A must-read book for November is: 

The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg

Why is it must-read?

Even though this book has been written many years ago, I think the basic principles of retail and wholesale are still the same. It’s about who you know or how can you get in front of the right person who can help you with your brand’s exposure and growth. It also gives you ideas which you can apply straightaway. Ideas that will make yourself different, especially now, when majority of new brands are focusing on online presence only, rather than also focusing on both, online and physical presence too. Diane also explains very well the concept of manufacturing, content creation, advertising, marketing and selling.

My biggest takeaway:

It takes time to build a strong brand within a market place but more importantly it takes hard work, perseverance, patience, consistency and incredible amount of energy. This book is not only a must-read but also it’s great to take inspiration from so have your pen and paper ready!

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