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Sweet cheeks

sweet cheeks
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Blusher is probably my most loved beauty product. It has the biggest impact on my overall look, balances eyes and lips – and can make a half asleep face appear wide awake in seconds. If you’re timid about using blush, don’t give up – there’s one with your name on it and it’s just a matter of finding The One. In general, sweet cheeks are easily achieved with powder blush, which works on all skin types, while creams or liquids are particularly flattering on normal to dry skin. 

Application can make or break a blush… go heavy handed and you’ll come over all Aunt Sally; don’t blend enough and people will think your 3 year old did your makeup. 


    Powder blush suits every skin type and is the most popular and foolproof formula, found in most of our makeup bags. Matte, marbled or shimmery, powder blush dusted high on the cheekbones is a quick and easy step to pull a makeup look together.

    A small to medium rounded or angled brush with loose bristles will pick up the right amount of product and help avoid an overdone look. Studio 10’s double ended brush can be used to apply with one end (angled) and soften with the other. Use long, upward swirling strokes in a wide C shape.

    Try: Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in Lune Rosee or Bobbi Brown Blush Duo in Plum/French Pink

  2. CREAM

    Cream blusher gives a very natural, skin-like effect, as if you’re actually blushing. Using the back of your hand as a palette to warm the product and avoid using too much, pat onto cheeks (don’t rub) with the flat of two fingers and press onto the skin until the edges are seamless. A duo fibre brush (with a mix of long and short hairs) such as Real Techniques Duo Fibre Contour  gives a very natural result and is soft enough not to disturb foundation underneath. Powder can be applied on top if you wish.

    Try: Clinique Chubby Cheeks in Robust Rhubarb or Laura Mercier Crème Cheek Colour in Oleander


    Liquid blush can seem a little daunting if you’re not familiar with it, but creates a youthful glow that brightens Winter skin and enhances a Summer tan. A duo fibre brush gives the most subtle results and application should be similar to cream blush, though liquid will require less working into the skin. 

    Try: Studio 10 Glow Plexion



P.S. Photography and text by Nicola at Strawberry Blonde Beauty. This article first appeared in Issue 7. Check out the full Issue 7. for more inspiration.

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