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Shop spotlight: That Haus

Shop spotlight: That Haus
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This week I’m introducing you to the beautiful little homeware online store That Haus. Set up by Laurie, That Haus is inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and clean lines. I met up with Laurie in her home to find out more about this hidden online retail gem.

1.  What is the story behind That Haus?

For almost a decade I have lived and worked in London for brands such as Laura Ashley, Heal’s and Elle Decoration, but about 18 months ago it was all change, as we had to relocate (temporarily) to Pembrokeshire for my boyfriend’s job. Realising my work opportunities might be limited for the foreseeable future, I decided to take time and opportunity to step out on my own and that’s how That Haus came to be.

2. What is the concept for That Haus?

That Haus is a Scandinavian inspired online homeware and lifestyle store with a focus for the trendy home and space. Incorporating simplicity and functionality, we bring you pure, paired back design and understated elegance without the scary price tags.

3. How would you define your style?

I would describe my style understated with just the right about of quirkiness. I love the simplicity and natural element of Scandinavian design, clean lines and calming tones of blues and greys which can be seen throughout my home as well as at That Haus, however, I also love the unexpected, so experimenting with colour and statement accessories is my way of expressing my personality.

4.  What is the most popular product you sell? 

At this time of year, our most popular product is definitely our Deer Head Wall Lamp. Like delicate pieces of origami, these lights are made from beautifully folded aluminium (there is also a cardboard option), that when switched on cast illuminated antlers against the wall, creating a wonderful air of magical mystery and intrigue.

5. Can you see any trends developing from the products you are selling a lot of? 

Definitely. Throughout the year I have seen a shift from customers shopping for an ‘industrial luxe’ look of cage lamps, filament bulbs, metallics etc. to the more natural and tactile aesthetic of our artisan jute rugs, traditional Turkish hammam towels, linens and our extremely versatile hand woven belly baskets. 

6. Where do you find inspiration for your products, styling and photoshoots you do?

I get my inspiration from lots of different places. Visiting trade shows is a great start and a way of spotting emerging trends and talents, but sometimes I find more inspiration during the day or on my travels. Sometimes it can be as simple as I’m trying to find something for my own home but can’t find it from any other retailer… so I try to develop or source it myself, or I’d stumble across amazing product on Pinterest but find out it’s only available in, say, Australia! I think social media such as Pinterest and Instagram are incredible tools for inspiration for seeing what is trending around the world.

7. What would be your advice for injecting colour and / or pattern into the home? 

Be brave… if you change your mind, you can always paint over it. Just go for it. 

8. If you could only own one homeware item that makes a great interior, what would it be? 

A fabulous light! I think lighting is one accessory that has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of any room simply by the flick or twist of a (dimmer) switch.


 If you enjoyed reading about Laurie and That Haus, visit the website to see what else her store has to offer.

Credits: Text and photography by Athina Bluff.

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