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Rose and Thorn

Rose and Thorn

Buried amongst the treasures of Coldharbour Lane, South West London, I recently discovered the eclectic boutique, Rose and Thorn. A small local homeware and fashion shop run by clothes designer Janine and her business partner. I spoke to Janine to find out more about her store and her fashion collections that have become popular with the likes of Holly Willoughby and Helena Bonham Carter.


1.  What is the concept of your store?

I guess you could say it’s a lifestyle, homewares and gift shop – a bit of everything. We also stock jewellery and our own clothing collection of print dresses, tops, skirts and trousers which we produce in limited quantities.


2. What do you think is unique about your products?

We try and source unique products that people haven’t necessarily seen before, just try and do something a bit different.

3. How do you define style?

Style is a very personal policy – you can’t really define it! Everyone thinks they’ve got a good taste, don’t they? To one person something is incredibly stylish, to another it’s not. It’s very personal – you can’t define it.


4. What is your preferred style?

I personally love the bohemian, ethnic look but with lots of colour – I don’t necessarily show it though as I don’t wear it – but in my home it’s very visible.

5. How important is colour in interiors and what are your tips for injecting colour or pattern into your home or wardrobe?

Colour is very important, it can make your mood change. When designing clothes though I don’t start with colour first, I pick a print instead. For a tip though, I think always start with less and build up. I’m not personally afraid of colour or print in my home – all my walls are white but then there’s a lot of colour in the textiles, cushions, throws, rugs etc. Just start small and expand.


6. What is the most popular item in your store?

At the moment our lovely rugs and baskets are very popular. They are all artisan, hand woven items made in Bangladesh using traditional methods of the American blue ridge mountains.

7. Is there a particular trend that you see customers are leaning towards?

My bomber jackets are popular but I guess that’s a pretty universal trend. In terms of homewares, we are doing a lot more planting. We’re going to do lots of terrariums – it is a bit late in the season but we’ve got a whole lot of them that we are going to put out, as people definitely seem to be into that at the moment. Generally, all botanical things are popular. People seem to love animal inspired things too.


8. If you could have one homeware item that makes a great interior what would it be?

I couldn’t live without a rug – I’ve got a bit of a thing for rugs!

Chatting to Janine was really interesting – it’s great to see people who aren’t afraid to be quite bold with their designs and really embracing traditional, handmade goods that are not only affordable but great quality too.

If you want to check out Rose and Thorn, you can visit their store or alternatively you can view Janine’s fashion collection here.

Text and photography by Athina.


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