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Photography requirements for press

Photography requirements for press
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As an editor, I get pitched for features all the time. In fact, on average between 80 – 100 a day. There are many factors why I choose particular product or lookbook shoots over the rest but one of the key decision making criteria is the available photography. 

In order for you to understand what you need for press in terms of photography, you need to understand the magazine’s features, in which you can see your products going into. For example, at Estila we have the following features structure:

  1. Product placement – such as shopping or news page
  2. Brand feature – a story about your brand
  3. Profile feature – your own personal business story with your brand
  4. Cover story – an interview with you as an artist/designer featuring you and your work
  5. Editorial – our own shoots with press loans

We require different types of photography for different features. So for example, we might need a product photography for product placement features. For brand and profile features we might require lifestyle images of your collection (lookbook) along with stills and profile images.

So my requirements for being featured in Estila are:

  1. Lifestyle images – your lookbook or images in situ that capture the vibe and the concept of the collection
  2. Stills – supporting the above plus it shows the product’s versatility and purpose
  3. Product images – products on white or no background
  4. Profile images – your portrait image as the founder and creative director

Now, sometimes I get submission from emerging fashion brands with models that have cropped faces. I understand that it’s cheaper for you to have them in your lookbook but from my point of view, you are limiting yourself to different types of exposure. I normally work with brands over a long period of time, usually covering different angles and ways of featuring you and your brand. We might do editorials, features on you and your brand, a cover story and product placements. It’s much easier for me to place you in our issues if I have everything I need at hand. If I don’t however, I probably pick something else, which is already available in the format I’m looking for. Of course, I’m not suggesting that lifestyle images are a must, but they are definitely preferred. 

I get that this might not be possible due to your budget restrictions at the beginning but having good photography for press and self-promotion should be high up on you list.

If you wish to learn more about how to get into press, I have written a PR Resource Book for emerging designers and independent brands in creative industries, where I share my views, experiences and knowledge in more detail. I have also included templates, case studies and examples that you can modify and use to your own business including a press loan sheet, press release template, Dropbox press folder example and much more. Click here to see what’s inside.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Kxx

Cover image: a photography example from Black & Sigi earring collection.

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