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London Steakhouse

Places to see, places to visit. Sometimes some really nice places are brought to my attention, which I want to share with you, but not necessarily fit the magazine issue I’m working on. Today I’m sharing with you this stunning Marco Pierre White’s London Steakhouse Co. City.


London Steakhouse Co. City, situated a stone’s throw from bustling Liverpool Street Station, has officially re-opened its doors to reveal an opulent split-level dining space enveloped with timeless British glamour.

London Steakhouse Co. City, the first to bear Marco’s name, is an award-winning traditional steakhouse in the heart of the Square Mile, serving a mouth-watering choice of steak cuts and a range of timeless English dishes. The well-established London steakhouse combines impeccable food standards and outstanding table service, offering an unrivalled City dining experience. Behind the grand entrance and large double doors, guests are greeted by an immediate aura of energy and professionalism. High ceilings complement the sleek yet classic open-plan dining space, while a raised mezzanine seating area with its own bar commands a stately presence towards the back of the expansive room.




Doesn’t it look stunning? I’m definitely adding it to my must-to-visit list. Are you?

For further information or to make a reservation, please visit London Steakhouse Co website.

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