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Life In Style: week 8. & 9.

Life In Style: week 8. & 9.
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As I’m still very new to this, I’ve decided to share the behind the scenes of my week so you can see what goes into creating High In Style magazine. Basically my life in Style.

I really don’t know where to start. Two weeks have flown by in a flash and I’m struggling. I don’t let my ego take over very often but sometimes it just all gets too much. I love how every day is different. I’m creating this role for myself by myself with no guidance whatsoever. Everything I do is by instinct. I listen to my gut. Emotionally, I get very high, once I publish the magazine’s issue and see the response and positive feedbacks, and very low when I start working on the next issue. I get low because I can’t see in my head how the issue will turn out. I have an idea of how I want it to look like but have serious doubts whether I can achieve that vision.

The biggest obstracle that I’m struggling with every month is the content creation and curation. Sometimes I have feature interviewees not delivering the content on time or not at all. Even though we agree on the feature and have a deadline scheduled, even with email pocking, I never hear from them again. And so I’ve learnt to have some backups, just in case, which requires more research, more emails, more hustling. I worry to the last minute whether I will be able to create an issue which I have in my head. I constantly have to adapt and tweak the content according to what I get and what I can create from what I have available.

And so my past 2 weeks were mainly about researching, contacting, meeting and interviewing creatives and business owners. I met some amazing women who I get so inspired by. It’s so great to connect with like minded people who are exactly in the same position, and who have similar ups and downs. We are all in the same boat, starting businesses or running a start-up on our own.

I met Athina few weeks ago, talked over Skype and I’m so pleased she’s on board as part of our team. As our online editor, she’s been helping me with the content creation for our website. You might have noticed her articles in the past 2 weeks. She’s in charge of the “Shop Spotlight” which we want to make a more regular feature. I’m all about supporting and highlighting small independent brands, designers and boutiques, however I can’t feature them all in our issues. One way to give them a shout-out and really learn about their mission and story is to feature them here. Athina has been personally visiting each store, finding out what they are all about. As an aspiring interior designer, by talking to its owners/creators directly, she learns about design, materials and processes and gaining knowledge that she will be able to utilise in her own projects. Please check back every Friday and I’m sure you’ll learn something new and interesting.

Over the past month or so one thing I’m getting better at is taking control of my own content creation and start shooting and creating sections of the magazine as soon as I can. I used to leave it for the last 2 weeks of my 4 week magazine’s cycle production but with the uncertainty I described above, I can’t afford to leave it all for the last minute.

Above is an outtake of a graphic collage I was going to use for our interview feature with Taylor Blakes. And below is a sneak peek from my own photo shoots, images that didn’t make it into the issue due to poor quality. I really want to show you guys that is not all very perfect, while putting the magazine together. It took me half a day to reach the standard I was looking for. What can I say? I’m still learning how to control my camera. It’s a hit and miss sometimes but with each session I’m learning more about its capabilities.




And finally, one of my favourite photos of the summer sky. I’m obsessed with these colours.

The next issue is scheduled to be published end of this week. Stay tuned! Kx

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