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Life In Style: week 16. & 18.

Life In Style: week 16. & 18.
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A lot has happened over the past few weeks. If you haven’t heard yet, we have released our first print issue under Estila. The journey from High In Style to Estila hasn’t been easy and still I won’t get a good night sleep until we get it on paper that we have the name registered. If I had to change the name again, I don’t know what I would do.

Since putting the issue in hands of the printer and distributor, I had no time to stop and relax. It was back to meetings and interviews straightaway. One of my first was a potential family home visit for one of our features. I get interior submissions every week but very rarely I can spot what I’m looking for – a home full of style, personality, texture and colour. I managed to get some photos done while there and the feature is coming along nicely. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have spotted it there.

I also was invited to press events, openings and new brands launch parties – these are not for me at the moment, since they are happening in evenings, so it’s super hard to get there. But I met some incredibly creative women through PR days, which I’m going to feature in our next few issues. One of them is the founder of Maria’s Bag, Alida Bouer. When she told me her story, I was in awe. She was travelling the world with her Miss Guatemala title wearing a top made by local Guatemalan women in traditional embroidered pattern. When she got to London, she was constantly asked where she got it from. On the way back she kept thinking how she could make this embroidery as a wearable feature or statement. She had her “aha” moment and since then launched a successful handbag brand, supporting women in Guatemala and keeping the tradition and craftsmanship alive. There is much more in the interview, of course, so stay tuned.

We’re also planning the next three issues. The most challenging thing for me is to find clarity in what goes in what issue and whether I have enough time to do them all. I’m planning to release November issue in mid-November as usual and then do a small Christmas/December issue, so I have enough time to spend on the January issue, which I need to submit before the Christmas break. Here is a little peek of what we’ve been up to with Athina, our stylist and online editor.


This is for the “Colours of the Month” feature in the November issue, which we based around one of the butterfly art pieces from Curious Department

By the way, the digital issues are still published monthly as usual with print being published on quarterly basis. If you’re not on our list, get on it asap. I have some great collaborations coming, which will be exclusive to our subscribers only, so you don’t want to miss it. I only send one newsletter a month, so you definitely won’t be bombarded from me.


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